Music Videos

This section of the site provides an insight into the music videos that have accompanied Jamiroquai's single releases over the years. Each page also contains a detailed "filmstrip" showing hundreds of still frames from each video.

Emergency On Planet Earth (1993-1994)

Too Young To Die

The Return Of The Space Cowboy (1994-1996)

Space Cowboy

Travelling Without Moving (1996-1999)

Virtual Insanity

Synkronized (1999-2001)

Canned Heat

A Funk Odyssey (2001-2005)

Love Foolosophy

Dynamite (2005-2006)

Feels Just Like It Should

High Times: Singles 1992-2006 (2006)


Rock Dust Light Star (2010-2011)

White Knuckle Ride

Automaton (2017-date)



If you know of any other versions of the above videos that are not included, please contact me.


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