You Give Me Something

You Give Me Something had its world premiere showing on MTV UK on Tuesday 9 October 2001 prior to it's UK single release on 19 November. The video was directed by Dawn Shadforth, who also directed the King For A Day video in 1999. The video was filmed at a venue called ExCeL, located in Docklands, London.

  • Director: Dawn Shadforth
  • Production date:
    • 9 October 2001 (original edit)
    • 16 October 2001 (version 3)
  • UK single release date: 12 November 2001
  • Filmstrip:

There are two main versions of this video. A scene had to be removed from the original video edit where Jay mock-attacks a photographer. NME wrote on their web site in October 2001:

"The offending scene features Kay mock-attacking a photographer, a reference to alleged attack by the singer on photographer Dennis Gill outside the Attica nightclub in London in the early hours of April 14. Technically, the scene cannot be shown as it could influence court proceedings, and would therefore breach contempt-of-court law."

original edit cut sceneHere are two, ten second long, RealMedia video clips of both the original edit and the version 3 edit of the video, clearly showing the mock-attack in the original edit and how they removed it for the version 3 edit of the video.

It's amusing to see that on the video promo title (below) for the version 3 edit, the copyright date at the bottom says 2000 and not 2001! The wrong year is also shown at the end of the video.

promo title

You Give Me Something


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