This section of the site, launched in 2006 is aiming to contain the most accurate transcriptions of Jamiroquai lyrics that are available. Lyrics to Jamiroquai's songs are included in the liner notes for their albums, but these are rarely accurate when compared with what is actually sung. If you want to know what was really sung, then you have come to the right place...

Lyrics are based on the UK album releases and expect this section to grow slowly over time as the remainder of Jamiroquai's studio albums are added. The lyrics have been carefully worked on by Sam Kelly who has done an amazing job at putting what you hear on the record down onto 'paper'.

Please note that these lyrics are different to those officially published by Sony Music/EMI Music Publishing in the sleeve notes to Jamiroquai's album releases.

Emergency On Planet Earth

The Return Of The Space Cowboy

"The album I was most looking forward to, partly because it presents the greatest challenge in terms of working out what on earth Jay's singing (the production still hadn't reached a high enough level to compensate for his truly appalling diction on the second album), and partly because lyrically, it's my favourite album. No discussions of Jamiroquai lyrics ever seem to pick up just how deeply autobiographical 'Just Another Story' is, for example."

"The booklet came in handy for deciphering a few of the lines, but on others I had to 'crack the code' myself, due to lack of lyrics in the booklet, most notably in the final verse of 'Stillness In Time'."

Travelling Without Moving

Please do not submit any lyrics for other Jamiroquai tracks for inclusion in this section. The additional albums will be added to this page over time. Thank you.


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