Virtual Insanity

  • Director: Jonathan Glazer
  • Production date:
  • UK single release date: 19 August 1996
  • Filmstrip: click here

Virtual Insanity is by far the most well-known video that Jamiroquai have ever made. In May 1997, at the Music Video Production Association Awards in Los Angeles, the vide was awarded "Video of the Year." Most famously, at the 14th annual MTV Video Music Awards in September 1997, Jamiroquai were again the most nominated act, gathering ten nominations for the video. Jamiroquai walked away with four awards, including "Breakthrough Video" and the coveted "Best Video of the Year." (The other two awards were in technical categories: "Best Special Effects" and and "Best Cinematography.").

Imagine a room constructed with only three walls and a ceiling, kind of like a giant box. On the fourth open wall of the room, there's a camera locked into place. The walls are on wheels so that the room can be moved around as a whole. The camera never moves in relation to the room; the three walls and ceiling always look the same even though the room is being moved backwards and forwards, to the left, to the right, and sometimes around in a circle.
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Virtual Insanity


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