This page, will offer a quick exploration into the band and their logos.

The Text Logo

On the first release When You Gonna Learn, which was on the Acid Jazz label, the first incarnation of the famous Jamiroquai text was born.

the first jamiroquai text

Following this release, the logo adapted itself to what it is known as today. From the first album, Emergency On Planet Earth, through to the Travelling Without Moving, this is the text style that all fans associate with the group. This logo has not, however, been on all the singles and albums, with Light Years (EMI Music Publishing/Sony Music) being an example.

the commonly known jamiroquai text

Jay has always had a love of cars, and is well know for his collection of classic motors. There have been problems though, such as when Jay lost his driving licence for speeding. With the single Virtual Insanity, a new incarnation of the logo was devised. This one, isn't 100 percent original, and is based on the Ferrari motor car symbol.

the ferrari style jamiroquai text

The release of the Cosmic Girl in November 1996 created a slightly adapted version of the most familiar Jamiroquai text logo.

the cosmic girl jamiroquai text

The Buffalo Man

To all Jamiroquai fans, the logo to the left, also known as the medicine man, can be associated with nothing else. The logo, which Jay sketched one day, of himself in silhouette, toes turned out beneath flares and trademark buffalo hat set at an endearing angle, has appeared on all tracks somewhere on either its packaging or actual disc. The buffalo symbol is also used in the bands Orenda clothing range.

original buffalo ferrari style buffalo cosmic girl buffalo

This symbol has appeared on every Jamiroquai single and album, and on the single Blow Your Mind, in five different varieties.

With the release of Virtual Insanity, the cover of the single blends both the buffalo man and the Ferrari crest to create the logo as shown in the centre image. As with the standard text, the buffalo logo was also transformed for the Cosmic Girl release, and this is shown in the third image. A new angle was chosen is for the cover of the Alright single, where the buffalo man is shown in a 1970's style 3D perspective. Have a look at the Alright page to see how this looks. Interestingly, the "Jamiroquai" text is shown at a perspective on the official website which was launched in 2005.

The Band

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A few years ago Jamiroquai keyboard player Matt Johnson wrote a track with Gary Barnacle (who played on Emergency On Planet Earth) and he has kindly offered it to this site to pass it onto the fans.
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