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Jazz Junkie - Zoom

Here is an download exclusive to, courtesy of Jamiroquai keyboard player Matt Johnson. We present to you, "Zoom", by "Jazz Junkie", a track written and recorded by Matt prior to him joining Jamiroquai.

In Matt's own words...

"I wrote and recorded this about 5 years ago as part of an album I made. It was very much a labour of love rather than an attempt to sell records! I worked with Gary Barnacle on a few tracks, of which this is one."
"He plays some fantastic flute on this track, the whole album was very brass orientated, I was more interested in composition than showing off my keyboard playing."
"The vocals were done by Caroline Wilson and myself, she added some nice latin parts in the solo section. I played all the other instruments and did the programming and mixing in my home studio in London."

For those interested, Gary Barnacle played sax and flute on the Jamiroquai album "Emergency On Planet Earth".


Matt has kindly made this track available to fans of Jamiroquai, and hopes that you enjoy it. He has requested that if anyone likes the track they can show their gratitude by making a small donation to the Red Cross.

  • Jazz Junky - Zoom - 7m 25s (8.98mb mp3) - Download

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A few years ago Jamiroquai keyboard player Matt Johnson wrote a track with Gary Barnacle (who played on Emergency On Planet Earth) and he has kindly offered it to this site to pass it onto the fans.
  • Jazz Junkie - Exclusive track by Jamiroquai keyboard player Matt Johnson