Band Members

There have been quite a few changes of band members since they started out, but here is the current line-up for the Automaton "era". For more information about the members of the band and how they all met up, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Jason Kay Derrick McKenzie Sola Akingbola
Jason Kay
Derrick McKenzie
Sola Akingbola
Rob Harris Matt Johnson Paul Turner
Rob Harris
Matt Johnson
Paul Turner
Lorraine McIntosh Hazel Fernandez  
Lorraine McIntosh
Backing Vocals
Hazel Fernandez
Backing Vocals
Elle Cato
Backing Vocals

Note that each of the above images links to a larger version. All photos © 2005,2006 David Rowe.

The Band

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A few years ago Jamiroquai keyboard player Matt Johnson wrote a track with Gary Barnacle (who played on Emergency On Planet Earth) and he has kindly offered it to this site to pass it onto the fans.
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