1996 - July

The following is a Sony Music UK mini-biography written shortly before the American release of Travelling Without Moving.


Its been three years since jamiroquai first funked up our lives. In that time the band have sold in excess of three million albums and become a sought after live act the world over. While their brand of brit funk is bigger than the majority of "Britpop" in terms of record sales they do not sit comfortably in that over hyped category. September sees the release of the band's third and finest album to date, entitled Travelling Without Moving. This LP is sure to propel them even further into the musical stratosphere.

The History

Jamiroquai formed in 1992. Creating a massive underground buzz when their instant classic, When You Gonna Learn?, was initially released on London independent label, Acid Jazz. Later that year Jamiroquai had revitalised a club scene dominated by faceless back room boys and vocalists with personalities as disposable as their lyrics. Not only club goers but fans of soul, funk, disco-discerning music fans in general, knew they were onto something good. One record company bidding war later Jamiroquai emerged with an eight album deal from S2 (sony music). All agreed they had the talent, individuality and appeal to sustain a long career.

Jason Kay, frontman - was loud, opinionated and controversial, but above all honest, at times a little too much so for his own good. A burst of blanket coverage in the media was followed by the release of the debut album Emergency on Planet Earth which crashed into the charts at No.1 in June 1993, soon making Jamiroquai the top selling British debut act of that year. Emergency has sold over 1/2 million copies in the UK alone. The second album Return of the Space Cowboy, confirmed that the soulful passion of their music and the strength to transcend boundaries of language and culture, outselling the first in territories such as Europe and Japan and going platinum in the UK. What emerges now that their third album is almost upon us is that JK is indeed an enduring talent and Jamiroquai has, without compromising their musical integrity, developed into a worldwide musical force to be reckoned with.

Jamiroquai has developed an eclectic following of many ages, lifestyles and musical preferences, drawn by the many facets of such a unique musical outfit. Style conscious clubbers appreciate the distinctive Jamiroquai sound, to be enjoyed whatever the prevailing trends. Top Ten tunes like Too Young Too Die, Blow Your Mind and Return of the Space Cowboy still resound and rebound around in the mind. The band are also one of the very few credibly live acts to have risen from the club/dance scene, shunning the use of tapes and sequencers that have long tainted that arena. Playing live is central to Jamiroquai's philosophy and aspirations - they have headlining tours lined up all over the world for later in the year, with the UK tour in October.

The New Album

Written by Jamiroquai, produced by JK and Al Stone, Travelling Without Moving finds 27 year old Kay and the boys producing their most accomplished and mature work thus far. The distinctive Jamiroquai lyrical and musical style is in clear evidence but sharper and more focused than before. Melodies ooze immovable into the mind and forays into new areas come to fore on the hit jungle collaboration with M Beat, Do you You Know Where You’re Coming From?, and the reggae tune (being mixed by the Mad Professor), Driftin Along. These are complimented by the rousing 90's disco of Comsic Girl, the slap funk of Sliding and the furious, percussive, horn laden Use The Force - composed for the Euro 96 compilation album.

The first single from the album, Virtual Insanity (out August 19th) encapsulates Jamiroquai: a kind of When You Gonna Learn? part 2, its got great melodies and though provoking state-of-the-world lyrics. Drugs are tackled on the album on High Times and love is there in abundance, as on the R&B inflected Everyday and the heartrending ballad Spend A Lifetime. The trademark didgeridoo is back also, with didge-master Wallis Buchannan checking in on two of the 12 tracks.

Jamiroquai are the only band out there doing what they do - they're not another band over the egging the Britpop cake - JK has the moves and the grooves to give a big shout for the Brit-funk era - and Jamiroquai plan to say it loud.

The Band

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