Touch Magazine - December 2001


Star Cars : Never Mind The Celebrities, Sometimes The Real Star Is The Car

Source: Touch magazine (UK) - December 2001
Words: Toussaint Davy
Photography: Eddie Otchere

Touch: What car is this?
JK: A Ferrari 360 Spider

Touch: How much is your car worth?
JK: The best part of £100,000

Touch: Any modifications to the car?
JK: I've chosen the colour of the leather, which is black and green. I've managed to jump a waiting list 'cause I've sold my other one. it was time to get one where the hood came down but it was a phenomenal car.

Touch: What's the most illegal thing you've ever done in this car?
JK: Driven at 150mph down here a minute ago.

Touch: What's the sexiest thing you've ever done in this car?
JK: Driven it at 150mph down here a minute ago. I was running in it.

Touch: How many miles are on the clock?
JK: 714. I literally just got it.

Touch: How many card have you got now?
JK: Well, there's about eight serious cars if you don't count the other things, like my assistant Esther's car, the BMW. You have to have things like that to get around my grounds. If it starts raining and you haven't got a four wheel drive then it's like mud.

Touch: What tunes are currently on rotation?
JK: I've got The Beatles' Abbey Road, Jimi Hendrix's Are You Experienced and a Chic LP somewhere.

Touch: You really can't get anything in this car can you?
JK: It's just me, myself and a, uhm, friend. This is just too phat (plays Hendrix's Are You Experienced?). I've decided this tracks is too phat. This is how I'm feeling!

Touch: If money were no object what would be your dream car?
JK: I think my dream car would be a Ferrari 250 Le Mans 1963, something along those lines. If money were no object it would be a 512 Can-Am 1971. I'd have any old '70s Ferrari Le Mans car.

Touch: But money is no object, right?
JK: Money is an object. Can I tell you (bellows into the mic) I owe Sony (Kay's record company) a lot of money!

Custom Jamiroquai "plate" by the gear stick

Touch: What was the actual cost of the modifications?
JK: Optional leather is no extra cost. Then there's the seats: you can have electric, you can plain seats or you can have sports seats. Sport seats you can't adjust and I mean this is a road car, you've got to be sensible about it. The little things like that (points to personalised Jamiroquai plate resting above gear stick), I think were a small agreement between me and my very good friends at Ferrari. The thing about Ferrari is that the technology of the Formula 1 cars is directly translated into their road cars. The way they design the aerodynamics of the car and the undertray, man we're being kept hugged to the road, and the faster you go the more you hug to the road. To me it's music, all the different sounds of the car.

Touch: Must be a nightmare going over humps in this thing?
JK: Yeah, oh man the worst one I ever had was the Lamborghini. That was just stupid, it was just low and wide. This is quite a wide car but you can see what's going on. With the Lamborghini you couldn't even see the front.

Touch: Doesn't your mum worry about you in these cars?
JK: Toussaint, I think she gave that up long ago. One thing she said to me a while ago was, "You've got all these old cars, why don't you buy a new car with an airbag in it?" Yeah ok mum, so I got this!

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