Live In Verona

Live in Verona is Jamiroquai's first ever full length DVD video release. Filmed on 08 June 2002 at the Arena Di Verona in Italy, the DVD presents most of the tracks played at the gig, together with a number of additional features including a short documentary, multi-angle tracks and 360 angle videos on the DVD ROM.

  • 1. Intro (0.43)
  • 2. Twenty Zero One (7.42)
  • 3. Canned Heat (11.14)
  • 4. Bad Girls (10.20)
  • 5. Corner Of The Earth (8.48)
  • 6. Virtual Insanity (5.51)
  • 7. Little L (5.57)
  • 8. High Times (5.29)
  • 9. Cosmic Girl (7.02)
  • 10. Main Vein (6.26)
  • 11. Deeper Underground (6.40)
  • 12. Alright (11.07)
  • 13. Love Foolosophy (7.55)
  • DVD Extras
  • 14. Multi-Angle tracks
  • 15. Documentary
  • 16. DVD ROM
  • 17. Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
  • 18. PCM Stereo, Digitally Mastered
  • 19. Subtitles
  • 20. Love Foolosophy with Beverley Knight (6.31)
  • Catalogue Number: 201779.9 (region 2), 201779.5 (region 1, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Label: Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd., Sony Music Asia
  • Year: 2002
  • Format: DVD (PAL - region 2), NTSC (region 1, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Packaging: dvd case
  • Release date (UK): 11 November 2002
  • Highest Chart Position (UK): 7 (17 November 2003)
  • Chart Positions (UK): 7
  • Release date (Asia): 11 December 2002

Initially only available in Europe as region 2 PAL release, Sony Music Asia released a region 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 NTSC format DVD shortly afterwards.

The DVD has a number of hidden "extras", which can be found as follows:

  • go to the extras menu, click on the multi angled camera songs, you will notice that the music speeds up, wait 10-15 seconds and a buffallo man will appear in the far right corner of the screen, its not very noticable so keep an eye out for it.
  • watch the credits, at the end there will be a large buffallo man appear next to a jack in the box type animation, press enter now!
  • on the sound setup (dolby etc) menu when once again the music speeds up then a buffallo man will appear

The following is the content of the press release for this video:

"November 11th sees Jamiroquai, one of the UK's most successful bands of the last decade, release a live DVD, capturing one of Jay Kay and the band's electrifying live shows for the first time in their phenomenal 10 year career. Recorded in June, on a wild and stormy summer night in Italy's stunning Verona Amphitheatre on the European leg of Jamiroquai's 'Funk Odyssey World Tour 2002' this DVD, packed with extra features, shows exactly why Jamiroquai have sold over 20 million albums and how they earned their reputation as one of the world's greatest live acts."

"Jay Kay - funk troubadour, charismatic lead vocalist and occasional stand up comedian, MC's the stormy night's affair with all the flair of a front man at the height of his powers. Busting incredible moves in the torrential rain and singing his heart out, Jay and his super-tight band play a (literally) storming 90 minute set including Top 10 Jamiroquai classics from 'Virtual Insanity' and 'Cosmic Girl' to 'Funk Odyssey' favourites 'Little L' and 'Love Foolosophy'. By the time they play their No.1 smash, 'Deeper Underground', they blow the (metaphorical) roof right off the spectacular Roman Amphitheatre."

"The DVD also contains exclusive documentary footage and there is a special guest appearance at the show from the UK's finest soul diva, Beverley Knight, who sings on 'Main Vein' and the added bonus version of 'Love Foolosophy'. The filming encompasses a 15 camera shoot and extra features include 360 degree shots on DVD Rom and multi angle tracks which feature solely on Jay Kay, except for 'Love Foolosophy' which includes Beverley Knight. The unique package perfectly captures the night's extraordinary and unique atmosphere - at one moment it even sees Jay literally swimming along the stage much to the glee of the ecstatic crowd."

"This DVD represents the first retrospective of any kind, live or on record, of Jamiroquai's extraordinary career, spanning five multi platinum albums. Forget the tabloid hype - this gig showcases Jay Kay doing what he does best, doing what comes naturally - performing live."

"Visual Milestones" re-issue release

"Visual Milestones" re-issue release

In early 2009 the concert was re-issued as part of the "Visual Milestones" series of live DVD's.

  • Catalogue Number: 88697455229
  • Year: 2009
  • Format: DVD (PAL - region 2)
  • Packaging: dvd case
  • Release date: 16 February 2009


  • Lyrics - lyrics to the music
  • Bootlegs - Jamiroquai as they should be heard - live