Submission Guidelines


If you have found any information that you wish to share with the fan community via this site, please send me an email (in English, please!). If you can include any relevant URL's or images (however large), please do so, as often when I receive information I have to go looking for web sites or other information to back up the story.

For example, if there are any TV or radio appearances with the band coming up, if you can provide a URL to the TV or radio show web sites, then this will really help.


If you have any releases that you feel should be in the discography, or any information which will help to complete it, please send me as much detailed information as possible including any images/scans of the packaging and disc. The standard template for discography releases is as follows:

  • release name (e.g., UK Promo CD)
  • track name, track version, track length (for all tracks)
  • if vinyl, which tracks are on which sides
  • catalogue number (normally printed on the disc or packaging)
  • label (e.g., Sony Soho Square, Columbia)
  • year (normally printed on the disc or packaging)
  • packaging (jewel case, picture sleeve, etc.)