Site Publicity

Over the years, this site has had quite a bit of publicity. Here is some of what's been going on with the site over the past few years.

Oct 2023 21 years after the JJJ Radio broadcast in Australia I was interviewed once again for their follow-up Jamiroquai special show broadcast on Double J radio prior to the band performing Adelaide later that month.
Jul 2006 Following Jamiroquai's appearance at the Lovebox Festival in London, a surprise party was held to celebrate 10 years of "Jamiroquai - The Funkin Site". A full write-up including photos of the celebration can be on the 10 Years of Funkin page.
Oct 2005 finished 11th overall and 5th unofficial web site in the Peoples Choice Award category in the BT Digital Media Awards 2005. This is a fantastic achievement and is thanks to all the fans who voted for the site. came 9th overall in the same category, and Jamiroquai were the only band to be short-listed in the official and unofficial site categories of this award.
Jun 2005 Not quite a credit for, but a credit for myself - in the sleeve notes for the album Dynamite, I am listed in the "Thank You's" section for my help with the Official Jamiroquai Website.
Apr 2005 As the official Jamiroquai site relaunched in the run up to the release of Dynamite, became the first result on the Google search engine when searching for Jamiroquai.
Nov 2004 Site came 81st place in the Peoples Choice Award category in the Digital Music Awards 2004
Dec 2003 Site came 56th place in the Peoples Choice Award category in the Digital Music Awards 2003
Nov 2003 thanked in the sleeve notes for the LateNightTales compilation album after this site helped promote the album including running a competition to win copies.
Nov 2002 Site came 27th place in the Peoples Choice Award category in the Interactive Music Awards 2002
Nov 2002 Site came fourth place in the Best Fansite category in the 2002 Top Of The Pops awards
Feb 2002 I was awarded virtual prizes for "Best Jamiroquai Fan Website" and "Best Contributor to the Online Jamiroquai Scene", and runner up in the "Best Jamiroquai Download" category (for the Live at Jools Holland video clips that were posted late 2001) in the Jamline awards
Jan 2002 Jay Kay publicly thanking me during the Jamiroquai concert in Perth, Australia after hearing my interview on JJJ radio! - audio (1.42mb MP3)
Jan 2002 Myself interviewed on JJJ Radio in Australia as part of a 3 hour long Jamiroquai special - audio (7.78mb MP3)
Nov 2001 Site came second place in the BBC Top Of The Pops Top Fansite category in the first ever Top Of The Pops awards
Sep 2001 In the Dotmusic 2001 Online Music Awards finished at 298! Not quite as good as third in 1998!
Feb 2000 "Best Jamiroquai Fan Site" in the Jamline mailing list awards
Mar 1999 I was awarded the virtual prize for "Greatest Contributor to the online Jamiroquai Scene" in the Jamline awards
Apr 1998 Site awarded third place in the Readers Choice awards category of "The UK Music New Media Awards 1998"
Dec 1998 Site mentioned in US magazine "YM"
Sep 1997 Lycos search engine lists the site in their list of the "Top 5% of the Web"
Early 1997 Site listed as a "Cool" site at Yahoo!
Jul 1996 Site opened to the public at