Spotted - Jamiroquai London bus!

Added on Friday 12 January 2007, 20:00 (GMT)
London Bus

Whilst walking through the City of London on Friday evening, I spotted this - a London Bus with the back of it advertising the High Times greatest hits album.

I understand there have been a number of these buses in central London over recent weeks advertising the album, but this is the first one that I've seen. 

Apologies for the not-so-great quality of the image.  Now seems like a good time to ask what advertising you may have seen for the album over recent weeks where you live?  Anything as big as a bus?

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Ooooh how magical!!!!!!! Good old London Town!

...I got my mind but I don't know where my head has gone..;-)

did see quite alot of huge posters at train stations before xmas but not now?

yeah, I've seen that one to!!!! and it was the only one around I confirm.

thats great nice to see positive publicity

That's so cool!!!....I wish there was any kind of advertizing over here in the states.....jamiro-niceness..

i want to go on that bus

Sony are definately mad.

Indeed magical !!! Now the expression has to be changed to as BEAUTIFUL as the back of a bus !!!

Wonderful job Mr. Rowe, great spontaneous reaction to capture this bus, just a point of curiosity were there three in a row like this ??? LOL !!!

Arriba Arriva !!!

That's so cool. Han't seen anything myself since the first few weeks of its release, mainly posters in train stations but its well cool that some promo is still going on!

Aack, they chopped the Buffalo Man's head off! All that's left are bits of his horns...

LOL Heather, Arriva, Arriva, Arriva!

Wow =) Thats so incredible! I love that bus.. is so cool :) Here That is difficult to find..but in london is different. ^^ Hoo, I want to steal that bus! ^^

My girls were in London the friday after Christmas and they saw this on a "big old double decker" then - that was the 29th Dec?

why not put a jamroquai flag on the london bridge :D

this is too cool :)

Saw one of these exact buses in Camden Town in late November 2006.

They're really cool :)

Now that's advertising!

Gosh, how funky!!! Would love to get on one of those to uni every day :)
No Jami advertising in Glasgow at all. Anywhere. Ever. (slap!)

the only ad i saw in the states was a cingular commercial where they playing feels just like it should in the background

I saw that bus as well. I was tempted to get on it even though it was going in the opposite direction to where I was going.

It's on the 148's going through Camberwell green. i thought it was just for Chrimbo tho!! :)

Yeah, been stuck behind it in traffic in New Cross quite a few times now! Not that I mind of course....

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