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Added on Saturday 13 January 2007, 07:01 (GMT)
Jay - ES Magazine (12 January 2007)

Friday's London Evening Standard newspaper's "ES Magazine" supplement had a small interview with Jay where he talks about what food he enjoys at home when he's relaxing on the sofa...

Who would join you on the sofa?Just some mates or a special lady, when there is one.

What's on the menu?Thai food is good to eat on the sofa.  Homemade Tom Yum Goong (hot and sour Thai soup with fresh lemongrass, ginger, lime and finely chopped chillies) with prawn fried rice.

Pudding?I'm really not a sweet person but I would go for a cheese platter which included mature Cheddar and Gruyere.

And to drink?Cold beer - Kronenbourg 1664.

What's on the box?A classic Second World War movie, either A Bridge Too Far or The Dirty Dozen, or a James Bond film. 

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Recently went to gig at the Mean Fiddler in London.What an awesome show! The amount of energy & soul Jay puts in a performance , is it any wonder that that he sometimes enjoys the quieter thinga in life!! p.s i was the noisey 1 shoutin how much i loved jay .but i had a bottle of champers ,so an apology was needed.

Yum - I love Thai food - great choice Jay - hope you had a wonderful birthday and hope you got all our birthday messages :) :) :)


apart from thai food you cant really fault that

Taste of both food and movie is Tough!

1664 ! Big lol !!! I prefer Champagne !

Good food! =) if jay kay likes that it's okay! =)

He looks great!
A special lady, wow! Can't it be just a lady?

Where is your sofa?

What?? No Apple Crumble and Custard? No Jam Roly-Poly or Spotted Dick? *faints*

I figured jay to be sitting around watching napoleon dynamite;especially the end when napoleon dances to canned heat. Jay is sofa king cool!

Jay knows. Cheddar rules everything.

*** throws a glass of cold water over 'Quanna ***

. . . no bread and butter pudding, or bakewell tart. Maybe this is why the knighthood has been delayed ???

@ Cacouna - how many women could sit through the 'Dirty Dozen' for the fourth or fifth time ??? That's why 'Sir' JK describes them as being 'special'.

@ Soul-C, there is a likelihood that 'Sir JK thinks that Napoleon Dynamite is true life story, that's what put him off advocaat and creme brulee.

i was thinking is not good to eat in the sofa...because is hard to clean after the food.

. . . food ???

It also attracts bugs!

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