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Added on Monday 22 May 2006, 23:28 (BST)
At the Laureus World Sports Awards that were held at the Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona (Spain) on Monday night, Jamiroquai performed in front of a crowd of "global figures from sport, entertainment, business and fashion."

Some photos of Jamiroquai's performance can be seen at the downloads page.

More information about the Laureus World Sports Awards can be found at

[Photo: © Jamie McDonald/Getty Images/Laureus]

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Ok, so he did not do all that well on the red carpet, but he definitely looks great on stage!! And the rest of the guys look great too:)

god damn!!! they are hot!!!

somebody know what songs did they perform?

cool hat! i hadnt seen it before i think

Kewl pics!

Great pics ! Have you seen that the backingsingers are absent ? Quite interesting...

Funkadelic: yeah, Paul looks a little lonely without them.

The band look smart and Jay looks great on the stage - anybody know what songs they played?

my gratitude to mr.mcdonald for such wonderful shots of jay and the entire stage. the girls will probably join them in portugal, since that is a full set and this was only 2-3 songs. i guess we'll see.
as always, thanks david.

Oh, and as soon as I know what they performed I'll post a message in this thread or probably as a new news item. If anyone knows what they played, feel free to tell me :)

...and before I forget, I've got three more photos from the performance to add to the site. I'll post those online later this evening.

Thanks sou much David for all this information and pictures. Yor are top actually !!!!!!!

yes true!!
no backing vocals!!!
amazing!! ;)

he looks better with this black shirt.

Jay looks absolutely gorgeus on stage, he allways does and the band looks great too

For information, three more photos are now added to the downloads page.

He performed
Cosmic Girl
Space Cowboy
Love Foolosophy

he looks so funny...


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