Laureus Sports Awards set list

Added on Tuesday 23 May 2006, 16:11 (BST)

The set list from the Laureus Sports Awards held in Barcelona on Monday night was as follows:

  • Cosmic Girl
  • Space Cowboy
  • Love Foolosophy
The band now head to Portugal for the Rock in Rio festival on Friday (26 May).

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great choice!!!

Always the same, always the same... Just hope they will play new tunes for the summer festival, not the traditional setlist with Canned Heat, Space, Cosmic, Revolution... I wanna hear Stillness, If I like It, Butterfly or Travelling without moving !

well, it makes perfect sense for them to play songs that general people know since this was a television aired, mainstream, "hollywood" type sports awards show...if they would have done 'stillness in time' everyone would have just sat there and underneath it all the spirit of the band is having a good time - that means the audience and themselves, so i can see the choice of these 3 songs.

...also look at it as a preview to the fall release perhaps? these song span 3 albums and 6+ years.

Yes, Deesh, totally agree with you ;) I just hope they will hear my request ! Cheers

I know you guys are going to hate me...but I hate "Love Foolosophy"!!!!!!!!!...I think it's a stupid song, compared to all the great ones the band has created...Is not so much about the music (wich it's pretty good), but the lyrics are so empty, silly and comercial...I can believe it was such a hit! (again, please don't hate me!!!!)

mariatifosi....i have to agree with u.

Great choice, is my choice!!!!!!!!

Come to Spain this summer pleassssssssssse!!!!!!!!!

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