Jay at Laureus Sports Awards

Added on Monday 22 May 2006, 20:46 (BST)
Jay. Photo copyright Jamie McDonald/Getty Images/Laureus

On Monday night (22 May), Jay attended the Laureus World Sports Awards being held at the Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona (Spain).

The rest of the band were also in attendance to perform two songs at the event, which honour the world's best sportsmen and women.

Some photos of Jay arriving at the awards can be seen at the downloads page. 

More information about the Laureus World Sports Awards can be found at

In the UK, Channel 5 television will broadcast a 40 minute show about the awards on Friday 2 June at midnight (Thursday night/Friday morning). 

[Photo: © Jamie McDonald/Getty Images/Laureus] 

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^^^^^ computer you don't like french ??? Nevermind, in english: very stylish Jay.

I don't think this comment is going sit well with many of you, but I don't think Jay looks that great in these pictures. I think the pants are too long and the jacket is too big (look at the wrists). It actually looks like he borrowed or rented the tuxedo. The tie was a poor choice because it makes him look droopy and the collar is not crisp. The glasses look like they came from the Elton John eyewear collection...he's got such great style that it is disappointing to see him like this...

Oh, la la. I think Jay is very beautiful.

Jay Kay estas bellisimo tu eres como el vino entre mas viejo mas bueno... QUIERO!

Actually,fashion police, he's not wearing a tie, but a bun. And honestly, I don't think ties suits him at all. He looks way better with buns. I remember seeing him with a tie and it just didn't do anything for him, he looked like a regular business man, which he is not!

David you are the best! you always succeed to having all the last news on the band!and you finds always the beautiful photos of jay!!! it is too much beautiful in these photos!! thanks funkin site!!!

LOL fashion police - Elton John!!!!! :) It seems to me that Jay looks quite uncomfortable in a tux, even if he chooses to wear it! Otherwise, I like the pics. Thanks David :)

I admit he looked better for that Louis Vuitton thing.
And in my oppinion jay looks a bit tired, but guys... the band`s been working on the studio and jay ain`t doing coke no more, so let the guy look however he feels like.

fashion police I agree with you on many things, I don´t like the glasses and the bun either but I don´t thing the tux was too big, he´s short so he needs the pants to be longer. Besides come on he´s Jay!! the man can wear whatever he wants and still be irresistible. Maybel Espinoza estoy totalmente deacuerdo contigo ;)

anyway ur still are great!lol!

i agree with fashion police... this James Bond style doesn't suit him very well, i prefer when he's less formal and dare to wear funny hats or eccetric shirts... seems like our man is getting old!

yes, the truth is that the suit is not the original style of jay, but we must respect it, cos that`s the magip spark of him. However hope to see his next performan.... and i agree with emily on and keep it funki on. Jay is the coolest man i ever seen, and still really hot

funny to see this backstage appears on cqc on argentina

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