Virtual Insanity on a desert island

Added on Sunday 21 May 2006, 16:19 (UTC)

BBC Radio 4 (UK) broadcasts a programme each week where a guest is invited to choose eight records they would take with them to a desert island - and at the end is asked to choose a single one to listen to for the rest of their life .

On last weeks show, Darcey Bussell, a Principal Ballerina with the Royal Ballet in London chose Jamiroquai's virtual insanity as her Desert Island Disc.

If you had to take one Jamiroquai song with you to a desert island, which would it be? 

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uhm... difficult question David. They have 50 perfect songs ! I will choose... Space cowboy stoned again mix ! or Canned Heat ! no, Space Cowboy ! Or Canned Heat ! Argh ! It's too difficult ! Space Cowboy is my final choice ;)

Ooooh I feel like a child in a sweet shop! I will go with Soul that song!

And I feel like a monkey in a fruit market! Decisions, decisions! At this moment in spaaace and time it would have to be Blow Your Mind from the Pori Jazz Festival!

yeah way too many good ones to choose but, for me I never get sick of MR. MOON

Cosmic girl

i pick space cowboy....and hide all the jami discography in my pants to enter the island...

Stillness In Time

Virtual insanity

Stillness In Time without a doubt!

light years

I think Blow ur mind, i never tire of the instrumental section, it would remind me of home and my girlfriend!

Boy, that's a hard question! I think mine would be Music of the Mind, it is always a near-religious experience to listen to that tune.

When you gonna learn...or The return of the space cowboy...or seven days in sunny june...forget it, this could go on forever!

well, easy for me. I take (((space cowboy 12"))) and before entering the island, I'd also hide my mp3 player with the whole jmq dicography, including Bside songs and covers and some concerts picks!!! hahahaha d:D

Too young to die!!! long run version.

Definitely Planet Home (Woodstock version) :)

Manifest Destiny

Im feeling your choice FunkEducation, Manifest Destiny is the best song for me to chill out to, but if you wanna get up and dance then its definately little l, and a classic sing a-long has gotta be virtual insanity, best driving song is black devil car, and best clubbing tune is david morales mix of space cowboy. Could we submit several polls for best jamiroquai song for each category like driving song, dancing song, karyoke song, chill out song, instrumental.....etc???

there's a stillness in time, which I cannot deny ... I LOVE THIS ONE !

damnzz this is hard.I think im gonna wait till i hear the new try out tracks at NORTH SEA FESTIVAL 14 JULI!! in tha netherlands!!!hahah im there!! woeha
THEY GOTTA DO SOME NEW TRACKS and may be ill take these ones too my dessert!
for anyone who likes pics and movies from the concert(1,5 ours) contact me at [email protected] these could be RARE..



Definitely Stillness in Time...

I think this is the best choice:

Soul education or light years.

Space Cowboy
When you gonna learn
Manifest destiny

It has to be Mr. Moon, I could listen to it over and over again.

hmm probably either butterfly or high times. but if you gave me another one i wouldn't mind they're all great.

..obviously Scam.. pure funky! :D

NOOOOO Forget it!!!!...IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PICK ONE OUT...Love them all too much...It would be easer to name those I don't like, it surely would be faster!!!!
all my love!

Alright, with that killer bassline

Mr. Moon

love foolosophy.............always.I love it!

It's simply impossible for me to chose only one Jamiroquai song... If I had to go on that island, I would bring the entier band with me, so that I would have them all! LOL ;)

Stillness in time definitely, it´s the only song that can make me smile anytime no matter what. how am I gonna survive with only one song? Forget it, I want Jay singing in the desert and the whole band making funky music lol.

Well, inappropriately, I'd take Deeper Underground, as it is my all time favorite.


shame on u guys that no one picked the song Corner of the Earth !!!!!! that song is made for a desert island :P i change my mind i pick corner of the earth

wow!! so many people all around the world..all around the world...i have to go with stillness in time...but too young too die and i f i like it i do it are also great songs

i would like to say Corner of the earth....but i choose Stillness in time, the best song of the music's history!!
Guys have to play in Rome this summer!!

I think that "If I like it. i do it" is the best track to take to a desert island

Stuck on a desert island? Where do we go from here! ;-)

Space Cowboy..
Cosmic Girl..
Canned Heat..
Virtual Insanity..
Spend A LifeTime..
Deeper Underground..

can't i name couple more 8 Jam songs?'s too taugh to choose...

too young to die (extended version)

where do we go from here

Little L

it would definitly have to Cosmic Girl
=) :) =)

you give me something, no feels just like it hould, no feels so good, or black devil car - i like the mp3 player idea - pure genious maybe i'd go with that. and put absolutely EVERYTHING with even a hint of jamiroquai on it...i am seriously abusing the power of limewire mwahahahahahaha

i think if i chosse a jamiroquai song for a desert sure is gonna be high times

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