Own a piece of Jamiroquai history...

Added on Sunday 21 May 2006, 08:30 (UTC)

Do you want to own a piece of Jamiroquai history....

Ex-Jamiroquai member Toby Smith is currently selling on eBay a Yamaha QY700 sequencer/workstation, which was used for writing the Synkronized album whilst the band were on tour.  This actual sequencer was used to write the chords for "Falling".

Toby has not used the sequencer for a few years and would like to let it go to a new home.  It still contains some tunes programmed into it, ones that were not part of Synkronized - "just ones that didn't make the cut!"

More information about the QY700 can be found at the Yamaha website, and to look at the auction, please visit the eBay website. 

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Wooow,a masterpiece!!! from my favorite album,synkronized.......snifff,i just wanna pay the money for this sequencer..........sniff,Just a fly in my pocket...damn!!!

...does anybody want to buy a lung or maybe a kidney...
grrr I need some money... :( Yamaha QY700!!!

That's really cool of I just wish I lived in the UK!!!

"This belongs to an ex member/song writer from JAMIROQUAI, and still has 3 songs in the sequencer, so if you're a fan, should be of some interest to you!!"

Yeah, beg - steal - or borrow. But I am interested in lungs and kidneys, (corneas, pancreas, heart etc.) Did you know that up to 50 humans can benefit from a cadaver !!! CARRY YOUR DONOR CARDS, AND UK RESIDENTS REGISTER ON LINE / 0845 60 60 400


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