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Added on Saturday 20 May 2006, 09:05 (UTC)

On the eve of the Summer 2006 European Tour leg, Jamiroquai drummer Derrick McKenzie has sent in the following message, written on Friday evening (19 May)...

Just hanging out with rick at Chillington and doing the last minute checks for the show on monday and pick up times and stuff for the Barcelona TV thing we have on Monday evening. We are still at the studio and backing vocals are being put down by the lovely Hazel [Fernandez] with Mr Kay at the control tower giving directions as I type.  We have had a long week and it is now coming together quite nicely.  It's been very busy up at the manor with the crew dealing with all the touring stuff and the band dong all the recording stuff, people coming and going all the time. But at 20.33 it looks as if we are getting it all together. I have my own my space page now together some of the other guys in the band, which for us is absolutely fantastic as we can actually have some interaction with the fans!!!!!!! Which has been difficult over the years and we are trying to keep up with the demand of the questions and comments coming in from all you lovely lovely people!!!!!!

But can I also say please do not dismiss the funkin site which has been the backbone fan base for all of you and especially for us guys !!!!!!  We are truly appreciative of all the hard work that David and Sharon have put into the site and keeping us all up to speed on what is happening with us for the past 15 years or   so on this fantastic site. We are so looking forward to seeing everybody on the summer tour this year as we love playing the gigs for you guys and meeting you lovely people afterwards, although we cannot meet all of you, when we are on stage it's as if we are meeting you all in person.  I would like to thank David and Sharon for being so dedicated to the band and keeping the link between you the fans and the band. Let's keep the live music funky, alive and kicking!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you all!!!!!!!! Respect Derrick xx

PS. Don't forget to check Derrick's profile at 

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DERRICK, IT´S JUST GREAT THAT U AND THE GUYS STAY IN TOUCH WITH THE FANS...we all read every sentence with smiling faces:D
yes david and sharon deserve our thank´s just a great thing to have a place like that...
have u all a great weekend..Sandriche

Hey Man!
we have a great fun with these spaces!!!!
and your kindness is really with no limits
Luv, Francesca

oh Derrick, my god, my only inspiration, my vision of life, my hero. The one and only ! On drums, the indestructible Mister Derrick McKenzie. I'm so happy to read your post, your words. I hope the new tunes will enjoy myself like the old days ;), it means with a real drum set, not a beatbox ! I love you man, you're the greatest drummer on earth, a groove machine with a sweat heart ! Take care of you, of your family and see you on tour this summer. I'm coming man !

Thank you Derrick, wonderful this 'my space' idea by you and the boys . . . the girls (Lorraine, Hazel and Sam) should too !!! WE LOVE YOU ALL !!!
We are wishing, willing and hoping the best of success, good health and happiness to you and your family.

Best wishes, Heather and Abd A-Azeez.

Your words mean so much to us Derrick! You are all lovely and caring people, who are adored for your music and humanity alike. Wishing you lots of luck, stamina, health and success for this tour. May Funkin live forever! Thank you David, Sharon and Jamiroquai! We love you all! Lots of Love, Anna

Derrick, myself and a few others are having problems registering on myspace, so that's why we are clogging the posting here.

You were so kind to me and spent so much time with me in Dubai that I can't thank you enough, but hey - wanna laugh ??? . . . there I was cuddling my camera all night and forgot to have my photo taken with you !!! I'm still kicking myself !!! But I didn't forget about the tshirt, what is your chest circumference ??? And what about Mrs. McKenzie and the children too, give me their sizes. It's all about celebrating !!!

it is so good to read derricks comments
and of course we will keep supporting the funkin site!(is always my homepage)
take care and wish to see you this summer Mr Derrick!

It's so cool to have written this message for all the Jamiroquai fans. You know, well maybe not, but now yes that you are my favourite in the band. I'm really impatient to listen your new songs and to see you this summmer. And of course, this site is hot !!!
Take care.

Nice one Derrick; can't tell you how much it means with you guys keeping in touch. Really looking forward to hearing those aces up the sleeve.
All the best mate,

thank you derrick and david so much for the continued updates. we'll see you both at LOVEBOX...

Aww, what a sweet message :o)

We love you, too, Derrick!

I wish I could go to LOVEBOX...

they are not comming back to argentina? aren't they?

Thanks dear Derick. But is very sad for the spanish fans canot see jamiroquai in barcelona the next monday, the show is only for celebrytis!!!

Don`t forget Spain in this summer tour please.

We love you !!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much too for David and Sharon.

I'm loving all these updates! This is great. I guess I gotta get my myspace page updated so I can join in on all this. I have to say it again, I'm loving all this sharing. So neat!

every time i feel bad your music make me feel alive,and it`s an inspiration to keep doing the best inn this life, so send u the best of wishes an luck and energy for this new tour... hope u send us a messages about it!!! Funky life

You know... I really love Jamiroquai and his musics! it inspires me alot.. well I really love the "Funky" energy... but what I love the best... is its "Acid" to the Jazz.. hehe! Jay Kay and the Jamiroquai group, you guys stay " Funky & Acid " til the end of our times! peace and love! you guys ROCK!! God bless... God speed!

Please Derrick pass on my regards to Rick Pope, and give him and everyone else at Chillington my best wishes and thanks for their hard work too.

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