Update from Derrick McKenzie

Added on Saturday 20 May 2006, 09:05 (UTC)

On the eve of the Summer 2006 European Tour leg, Jamiroquai drummer Derrick McKenzie has sent in the following message, written on Friday evening (19 May)...

Just hanging out with rick at Chillington and doing the last minute checks for the show on monday and pick up times and stuff for the Barcelona TV thing we have on Monday evening. We are still at the studio and backing vocals are being put down by the lovely Hazel [Fernandez] with Mr Kay at the control tower giving directions as I type.  We have had a long week and it is now coming together quite nicely.  It's been very busy up at the manor with the crew dealing with all the touring stuff and the band dong all the recording stuff, people coming and going all the time. But at 20.33 it looks as if we are getting it all together. I have my own my space page now together some of the other guys in the band, which for us is absolutely fantastic as we can actually have some interaction with the fans!!!!!!! Which has been difficult over the years and we are trying to keep up with the demand of the questions and comments coming in from all you lovely lovely people!!!!!!

But can I also say please do not dismiss the funkin site which has been the backbone fan base for all of you and especially for us guys !!!!!!  We are truly appreciative of all the hard work that David and Sharon have put into the site and keeping us all up to speed on what is happening with us for the past 15 years or   so on this fantastic site. We are so looking forward to seeing everybody on the summer tour this year as we love playing the gigs for you guys and meeting you lovely people afterwards, although we cannot meet all of you, when we are on stage it's as if we are meeting you all in person.  I would like to thank David and Sharon for being so dedicated to the band and keeping the link between you the fans and the band. Let's keep the live music funky, alive and kicking!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you all!!!!!!!! Respect Derrick xx

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