Travelling Without Moving 25th Anniversary Edition

Added on Thursday 26 August 2021, 10:20 (UTC)

On 17th December Jamiroquai are releasing a special 25th anniversary edition of Travelling without Moving on vinyl.

"Travelling Without Moving; long considered one of Jamiroquai’s most popular albums and the best-selling funk album of all time celebrates it’s 25th year in 2021 with this special heavy weight coloured vinyl release.

Originally released in September 1996, the album features seminal hits ‘Virtual Insanity’ & Cosmic Girl’ which helped catapult it to #2 in the UK charts and Jamiroquai into the limelight globally.

This 25th anniversary edition includes an updated sleeve, new liner notes by Jamiroquai frontman JayKay and the Dimitri From Paris Remix Radio Edit of Cosmic Girl, previously only available physically in limited numbers on Dimitri From Paris’ own label."

The vinyl can be pre-ordered via these links -

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Hi David !
I'm happy to see that funkin is still there !
Travelling Without Moving deserves a better released : only one remix as a bonus track for its 25th anniversary ? Come on !
I hope the CD version would be better or I'll wait for the 30th anniversary.

Really hoping for that Funk Odyssey 20th anniversary vinyl this year!!

I really hope I can get my hands on that vinyl soon!

glad see still running.

Hey David! It's really amazing that you are still running this site. I just love the fact that it is active for 25 years on and counting. Thak you for that.

Yes, the site is still just about running! I ought to put something up about the Virtual Insanity 4K video on YouTube... Thank you for the support.

Great job keeping this up David! We met briefly in Boston 2005 at the Roxy show- you and the band are what got me through medical school in '94! Nothing left for me to do but dance!

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