(Very) old Jamiroquai session recordings

Added on Tuesday 09 February 2016, 08:05 (GMT)
Stuart Zender - Zendertapes

Original Jamiroquai bass player (until 1998) Stuart Zender has just launched a new website and as a treat for Jamiroquai fans he is going to be putting online some old Jamiroquai session demo tape recordings.

The first 'Zendertape' is for the track Scam - from Jamiroquai's second album The Return of The Space Cowboy.

Stuart says...

Hearing these tapes conjures such fond memories of a time when music and the creative process was so free and uninhibited.

To listen to this great bit of old school Jamiroquai and to read a little more then please head over to the website.

Thanks to Brent Armstrong for giving me the heads up on this news.  To stay in touch with all sorts of Jamiroquai news (in addition to of course ;) please have a look at the Jamiroquai Subreddit which he looks after.

Credit: Brent Armstrong

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News! (ish)

It's actually more like "Do That Dance" from Songs for Manitu (Milan '93). Which I love! And it's a great instrumental!

Great version of Scam. Imagine if those guys met up in a studio again. ;)

Just like Axel and Slash are getting together!
It would be something nice to see

Second "Zendertape" is up now:

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