Sola and Derrick back in the studio

Added on Monday 09 November 2015, 07:55 (GMT)

Things seem to have been quiet in the world of Jamiroquai for what seems like an eternity but we do get little pieces of information every now and then (normally from band member twitter and/or facebook pages) and here's a great example.  On Sunday percussionist Sola Akinbola posted a photo on Facebook of a recording studio (Air Studios in London) and the caption "The return of the SpaceCowboy grooving at Air Studios."

A little later drummer Derrick McKenzie posted three photos from the studio with the caption "Recording and listening in the studio to new Jamiroquai track".

Good times are coming...

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Thanks for this news, things have been awfully quiet for far too long.. and as someone who doesn't use Twitter/Facebook it's appreciated when some news comes out!

Let's hope more comes sooner rather than later! A new album and tour would be lovely. Missed seeing the band perform recently.

"Been a long time...!"

Ita fantastic to hear more from Jamiroquai!!

2015 seems to be a well deserved gap year, news points out that they will be back in 2016 before we all get insane waiting

I guess the news artical on the 21st Aug is unlikely to come true then .... Roll on 2016.

Hello! Wow, finally some bandmembers give us some sorely needed studio updates on the new Jamiroquai album sessions, now it's 6 pictures from Derrick and 2 from Sola, which have seemed to have stretched out for 2 years now. But hopefully this is the beginning of more 'fluid and active' updates of the new Jami album from the Jami camp. Thanks for the news parlaying as always Brother David Rowe and everyone be sure to stop by the JAMIROQUAI Subreddit I actively moderate/contribute to over on REDDIT at the following link, cheers!


That would be great! Let's hope for a good proper JMQ album!

FINALLY. Some GREAT news, new Jamiroquai tracks are coming...THANK YOU DAVID FOR THE UPDATE!!!

YEAAAH.. I already know I am gonna love it and I so can´t wait for them to tour the new album !!
Also hoping for a jamily reunion :D

Look forward to listening to the new tracks!
A big hug from Italy to all the staff! Your news and updates are precious!

until then check this out hahahahaha

this has to be the worst cover of cosmic girl

Finally we've got to see this day coming.

Ready to contribute to Jay's vehicle fund.

Someone needs to buy new cars : D

YEAH!!! Great news. Thanks for the update. :)

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