New album this year...?

Added on Friday 21 August 2015, 16:24 (BST)

So, there's a story that was in the Daily Mail newspaper this week and also reported on about Jay having to go to court because of a stalker who made him fear for his safety. That seems to be resolved now.


But... at the end of the article at it says "Jamiroquai released their latest album 'Rock Dust Light Star' in 2010. Their eighth studio album is expected this year."

Any news is good news right?  Let's hope there's at least the tiniest bit of truth in this and that the recent writing/recording sessions are going well.

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Hooray for new album news.
Hooray for any news.
Any news at all.

Does anyone care about Jamiroquai at this point? Jay should quit once for all. Making pointless albums from ages to ages and playing the same old songs over and over again. But I guess that as long there are cars to buy, the bloody thing will go endless. Unfortunately.

That's a strange thing to post on a fan site.

The same old songs are the same best songs!!! This is great news, but in the meantime I will keep enjoying the good ole stuff!

I am a fan also. But truth must be said. The band has done nothing relevant since Toby left. Dynamite and RDLS were such good albums that pretty much basically none of its tunes got played live.Jamiroquai turned into a sort of nostalgic band, living out of hits done 20 years ago. Dude, stop making a fool of yourself. Get out while you still can - While you still are remembered as one of music´s greats.

I'll gladly take new music from Jay Kay and the family this year. Totally worth the wait in my opinion! I just hope that the marketing side of things goes well this time...every release past "Greatest Hits/Runaway Promo" felt downplayed quite a bit. More promos/remixes/rare takes people! That's what keep you in the game. Peace and blessings!

Please be true. Let your music come and save us once more.

I admit I don't enjoy RDLS! I was hoping for an album as magic as the other ones, but I couldn't find that feeling in almost all of the tracks (some are really precious tho).
I'm really really happy for the new album, I hope it'll have something of the past good vibrations!

I really liked most of RDLS. I still play a lot of the songs. She's a fast persuader, Goodbye to my lover and hurtin' are great. LOVED Smile. It's a shame we only got one single during the RDLS era, though.

Dynamite, not so much. It's probably the weakest album. Most would agree with that statement. But from what I'm understanding Jay was under stress from the record company to make that album so some of it was probably rushed.

But The first three albums get played the most honestly. (EOPE, ROTSC and TWM) I could listen to Stillness in time all day long. It's my favorite Jam song.

But when you think about the greats of music, when they get up in age, do they really get a second wind and do the best music in their career? that's not common. I can think of maybe a handful.

Hooray!!! Been waiting for more news. Can't wait for the next album. :)

It looks like some disappointed fans around here... guys, don't stick to it so much. You dont have to hate the band just because time passes, I don't think that's fair.
Groups, same as music and, yes, people, evolve. It may not be your thing anymore but I doubt showing hate fixes anything.
IF there is to be a new album, dont expect the old, Dont expect the recent... I mean... what if i'ts a reggae album? Would it still be Jamiroquai? Well, YES... cause they did it, and they are Jamiroquai regardless if you prefer the old or not.

Anyway... looking forward to the music -and to judge it once i've heard it, and only then.
Wich makes me think... the's been an old live music wave the last years (ACDC Blur The cure The police and so on), maybe jay gets the idea and you fans of the old sound get what you've been waiting for... ;o)


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