New album coming later this year?

Added on Monday 09 May 2016, 11:11 (BST)
Facebook message from Derrick McKenzie

If you keep an eye on the facebook and twitter accounts of some of the bandmembers there's often little pieces of information shared that get us excited about new music from the band.  There's been a few posts recently including one from Derrick McKenzie (drums) on Facebook "Who else is looking forward to the new Jamiroquai album?" and also a message from Paul Turner (bass) on Twitter where he said the album is currently being mixed and will be out in the winter.

Paul also wrote a few weeks ago that he expects there to be a few promo only dates in 2016 and a full tour next year.

Stay tuned...

Credit: Brent Armstrong, Melanie Schumacher

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I'm so excited for this!


This is excellent, and indeed there are a lot of hint on the social networks

Oh My Days !! A New Jamiroquai Album ??? So Giddy By This News That I Almost Did A Little Wee In My Pants With Excitement ! I've Now Got My Fingers, Toes & All My Other Twiddly Bits Crossed For A U.K Gig/ Tour Announcement .. Muchas Gracias & Mucho Love, Guys x

YouTube has just added 10 old Jamiroquai tracks this morning, and which I've listened to on the way to work, and I thought I'd drop into to see if there's any developments....very happy to see the big man back at it. ...exciting times!!

I hope this is true but view this type of 'news' in the same vein as football transfer gossip!

This is great news! I need some new Jamiroquai music in my life.Supposedly the new album is finished and being prepared for an October release.Can't wait!

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