South America in 2013... really!

Added on Saturday 17 November 2012, 14:15 (GMT)

So, after the talk of a date in Brazil that got cancelled it now looks like the band will in fact be heading to South America in February.  Bass player Paul Turner recently posted the following on Twitter:

"Jamiroquai, are coming to S America in February. Stay tuned re dates. @Shufflermusic album available ASAP. Off to gig with @TheDarkSinatras"

In addition to this the website is reporting that Jamiroquai will perform on the 23 February at Simon Bolivar University in Venezuela.

Credit: Matias Mazzoni, Yhonnathan Roca

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Are you guys coming to Perú???

This really is awesome news for all you Southern American JamiroFans! I can't wait to see the clips on Youtube. :D

Please come to México.


:'( Colombia no!


Jamiroquai is coming to Košice, Slovakia on 20th January 2013. It's officially confirmed by the site Here's the link:

Thanks David for the credit!!.

I know Matías Mazzoni! :P We'll go together to Buenos Aires gig, right?

Are we ever going to see the band in the U.S. again? This is crazy!

Argentina YAY!!! I won`t miss my first Jamiroquai concert ever!!

After Venezuela have to come to Mexico...

Jamiroquai are coming to Chile february 17 and Peru february 20 YEAAH!

Please come to Argentina TTWTT

Waiting for the confirmation of Mexico city and MTY shows!!!

Venezuela ♥ ♪♫

MÉXICO CONFIRMADO!!! 25 de febrero en D.F. y 27 en Monterrey!!!... Por fin!!!

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