Slovakian concert date announced for January 2013

Added on Monday 19 November 2012, 18:30 (GMT)

According to the venue website Jamiroquai will be performing at the Steel Arena in Kosice, Slovakia on Sunday 20 January 2013. 

Tickets are available from the website and has not yet been confirmed (as of 19 November) by

As far as I know the band last performed in Slovakia back in 2002.

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Can not wait to see them back on the road again! Hoping for some UK dates too next year!

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20.1.2013 20:30 (Su)

Cyril!!!Of course you are going!!!:-)

@Jamiro Can't wait either, hopefully they do some UK dates soon.

yes!!Some UK gigs would be more than welcomed!!


mate, I hope I will see you there. Tak predsa je tu slovak :-D

Mam uz letenku z Prahy. Jay Kay asi prileti ale lepsim specialem ;-).

why the fudge Košice? tak tam sa trepaĆ„ nebudem :(

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