Jamiroquai in Brazil in November?

Added on Thursday 27 September 2012, 11:51 (BST)

The website of GreenFest in Brazil ( list Jamiroquai as one of the artists performing at the event being held in Curitiba in November.  Jamiroquai will be performing on 10 November.

Stay tuned for a confirmation by Jamiroquai at no doubt over the coming days...

UPDATE (8 October): According to this website the event has been cancelled.  Thanks to Pablo for posting the comment with the URL.

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Sigh... they'll once again do a South American tour that doesn't include North America. I wanna be wrong... I'm just hoping they tour around the big US fests next spring/summer *cough* Coachella *cough*

At the don airey show in switzerland near basel yersteday rob harris confirmed that this show in brazil is true He said to me i will see you in brazil i said yes !

Dia 10/11


Mais atrações serão anunciadas em breve.

Should be a fun festival with planet Hemp!!
Korn kinda scares me, but Brazil will be amazing with jamiroquai!!

Yeah on my birthday. Wishing for a US tour.

If is true... congrats brazilian jamily!!!

I can't keep count of the years I have wanted Jamiroquai to tour the states again, but alas, with a new album, already released with a 2 year delay and that is nonexistent on the Album Charts, then it makes sense they deter from doing this. But good for Brazil, I'm sure that will be a great gig for all my fellow Jamirofans down there, from Sister Julia to Brother Dye from JamiroTalk. Hope they all have a great time.....Cheers! ~JamiroFan2000~

Thanks for posting the link Pablo.

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