New Japanese album re-releases with bonus CD's...?

Added on Tuesday 21 August 2012, 08:03 (BST)

Internet retailer CD Universe has recently added listings for new Japanese reissues of Emergency on Planet Earth, The Return of The Space Cowboy and Travelling Without Moving to their site.

The albums are showing a release date of 23 October and also says there will be a bonus CD's with each album.  The albums are also listed on

No further information or track listings is currently available.

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I don't think there will be bonus CD WITH them - it seems to me like THEY are the bonus CDs itselves as the numbers of discs are always 1.

Hmmm.. I see on Amazone there are numbers of discs not 1 but 2.

There will be 2 cd's with live versions and remixes, for the 3 first albums.

Since I discovered/contributed this newsitem to Funkin Site, I think given it's Jamiroquai's 20th anniversary this and next year their is a high likelihood, also bearing in mind that Jamiroquai's first 3 albums had the most plentiful B-side material of their whole catalogue, that the Bonus CDs of each Japanese reissue will have a mixture of that album era's B-Sides/Remixes. I posted on Facebook/Jam Party People/Elsewhere what I think might be the tracklisting for each reissue's Bonus CD, here they are, remember, these aren't CONFIRMED yet, just what I think they will look like:

EMERGENCY ON PLANET EARTH (2012 Japanese Reissue):
1. When You Gonna Learn (JK Mix AND/OR Cante Hondo Mix)
2. Too Young To Die (Original Demo)
3. If I Like It, I Do It (UK LP Extended Version)
4. Too Young To Die (UK LP Extended Version)
5. Revolution 1993 (Demo)
6. Friends (Unreleased 'Nomi Rehearsal Demo' 1993)
7. Music Of The Mind (Unreleased 'Nomi Rehearsal Demo' 1993)
8. Funky Seven (Unreleased 'Nomi Rehearsal' Instrumental 1993)
9. Emergency On Planet Earth (Extended Version)
10. Hooked Up (Instrumental)

THE RETURN OF THE SPACE COWBOY (2012 Japanese Reissue):
1. Space Cowboy (Demo)
2. Stillness In Time (UK LP Extended Version)
3. Space Clav (Instrumental B-Side)
4. The Kids (Japanese Edit)
5. Emergency On Planet Earth (London Rican Mix)
6. Space Cowboy (Classic Club Mix)
7. Morning Glory (Instrumental)

TRAVELLING WITHOUT MOVING (2012 Japanese Reissue):
1. Do You Know Where Your Coming From (Extended Mix ; Feat. M-Beat)
2. Bullet (Instrumental B-Side)
3. Slippin' N' Slidin' (Instrumental B-Side)
4. Cosmic Girl (Classic Mix)
5. Alright (DJ Version Excursion)
6. High Times (Jamiroquai Mix)
7. Funktion (Album Bonus Track)
8. Hollywood Swinging (Live 'Kool & The Gang' Cover)

I will comment/post again in the usual places once the tracklistings for these reissues comes out online, given the reissues are due in Oct. 2012, probably be some time before the tracklistings are confirmed. Cheers! ~JamiroFan2000~


Just found 3 new sales listings for these japanese reissues of Jamiroquai's first 3 albums on Best's website, here are their sales listings pages, and yes, they are being adverted as being '2 discs':


EMERGENCY ON PLANET EARTH (2012 Japanese Reissue):

THE RETURN OF THE SPACE COWBOY (2012 Japanese Reissue):

TRAVELLING WITHOUT MOVING (2012 Japanese Reissue):

Still no tracklistings noted, will post again soon! Cheers! ~JamiroFan2000~

We'll just have to wait and see...sounds good though to have bonus content!

Hope that these will get a UK release...

Hello again,

Another update to pass along pertaining to those 3 Jamiroquai japanese album reissues, just found 3 new sales listings on a Denmark music sales site called '', here they are each and yes, alas, still NO tracklists noted:

Emergency On Planet Earth (2012 Japanese Reissue):

The Return Of The Space Cowboy (2012 Japanese Reissue):

Traveling Without Moving (2012 Japanese Reissue):

Will comment again soon! Cheers! ~JamiroFan2000~

Just as I found those sales listings on that Denmark sales site, I just found these reissues listed on an Australian site called 'Red Eye Records' ( ) , here are their sales lists info cut n pasted:

SBIN474069.2 - USA release date : 05.10.2004 AUS $19.98
export approx YEN ¥1,405

SNYJ6606748.2 - USA release date : 23.10.2012 AUS $68.98
export approx YEN ¥4,849

SNYJ6606749.2 - USA release date : 23.10.2012 AUS $68.98
export approx YEN ¥4,849

The interesting thing I noticed is that these reissues, at least on this site, are being noted as 'USA Releases', could they be releasing these in the states too on the same street date OR am I just misreading this? Anyway, will post again with more sales listings or whatever the heck I can find! Cheers! ~JamiroFan2000~

I dunno, but they'd want to be something pretty special for 70 bucks a pop!

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