Jay sells 1955 Maserati at auction

Added on Wednesday 22 August 2012, 22:29 (BST)

At the 2012 Pebble Beach car auction held this past weekend in California a 1955 Maserati owned by Jay Kay was sold for £1 million.

Having a quick search through the news here at reveals that Jay has had the car for a number of years, as it was part of the collection in a number photos that posted online in 2004.

Credit: Jan Parsons

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Fantastic car, and obviously a fantastic price. I guess the only one we can be sure will stay in the collection forever is the Enzo...

Jay knows better!

@BlackDevilCar. One of the best nights of my life was spent with Ezbe in Finland, eating sauteed potatoes and seeing Jay Kay walking down the street towards us. The Enzo had featured in a 12 page spread in Car
magazine and luckily I just happened to have that magazine in my bag and Jay Kay kindly signed it. Happy days!
And on that note nothing would make the die hard fans happier than an intimate gig to celebrate 20 years of the pure, unadulterated pleasure that is Jamiroquai.
Can we please, please, please have a little something just for the true fans?
It would be nice for Mr Rowe to dust off his camera....and for the Jamily to hit the finest front row on Planet Earth.
Thanking you.

Wow MsP, that's quite a story! I'd love to see his Enzo in person, and having some sauteed potatoes would make it even better!

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