Rock Dust Light Star US release later this month!

Added on Monday 02 April 2012, 22:21 (BST) are listing a domestic US release of Rock Dust Light Star set for release on 24 April 2012 (er, only 17 months after its original release!)

The label of release is listed as Executive Music Group (I have no idea if/how they are related to Universal Music so feel free to answer in the comments!).

In addition to a physical CD and digital release of the album the Executive Music Group says (in a banner graphic on their site) that a limited edition vinyl release of the album (with different artwork) will come out on 17 April as part of Record Store Day.

Credit: Brent Armstrong

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Very Good News! This album is great!!

I don't know why they change the cover if it's going to be so cheaply done.

Can there be new tracks please?

I honestly didn't think I would ever see this day. I got my copy of RDLS via UK airmail on November 2, 2010. We deserve at LEAST 3 shows in the US: NYC, Chicago and LA. USA still loves Jamiroquai!!!

First of all, finally it's out in the US and second I hope there will be a US tour (hopefully in NY).

Let's all hope for one or two new bonus songs. Not too keen on the cover but that doesn't matter if we get new songs.
First US single should be (if there is one at all) a new song or That's Not The Funk I Want haha. It was such a wasted opportunity.

USA!! USA!! USA!!!

now i got that off my chest, i am glad we are getting a proper release of rock dust light star even though pretty much other countries had theirs in 2010. Oh well better late than never.

also please tour the states and canada

crossing fingers for promotional tour...

artwork sucks

Great news! And maybe release one more single for UK/rest of Europe?

@Lost In Arnhemland
Completely agree. That's Not The Funk I Want would have had the most chance of success as the first single in the UK or in any other country - I have no idea why it was just a bonus track!! If not that song, then She's A Fast Persuader - this is one of the best ever Jamiroquai songs and I think everyone would love it if they just heard it on the radio.

It's about effin' time. Really can't believe it. Why wait 17 months? Pure Torture. I hope we get "Smile" as a bonus. But I'll buy the album all over again!

It's a day late for an April Fools prank, isn't it? lol

Guess it's not a joke. They're no longer part of the Mercury Records artists roster.

I quite like the cover art, in fact I prefer it to the original RDLS cover art. I hope it does well in the US, hopefull well enough to regain interest in it back here in the UK too, get a few singles back into the UK charts! New tracks would be awesome, hey new jamiroquai tracks are always more than welcome right? :)

Hey there, yeah, me/Diamond Doc/Dye over at pretty much came across this new release, yes 'Brent' is my real name..hehe. Anyway, completely understand the frets over the new album cover, personally thinks it very 'shoddy looking' but at the very least they releasing the new album in the states. But I highly doubt they will be attaching any 'bonus tracks' to the U.S. releases, there is a chance they might on the 'digital version' but on the physical releases, both vinyl/CD, it looks like it will only be the 'standard edition', let's hope the booklet artwork is marginally better than the album cover. I am optimistic that RDLS might sell really well in the states, of course with proper promotions/U.S. tourdates, the states is due at least 2-3 big city tourdates, so maybe after they finish up in Japan in August they might jump the pacific pond and tour america. Anyway, will alert David Rowe (Funkin Site Admin) from my end when I hear more pertaining this upcoming release or tourdates. Cheers & take care! Sincerely, ~JamiroFan2000~

For the attention to american and canadian people, I strongly recommend you to go on a gig or show if there is a US/CAN tour. I went on many of them in Europe and the emotion was awsome. I hope it for you guys !

The cover art for this US release...I highly prefer it over the horribly botched job of 2010's initial release.

Highly! lol

Look, that 2010 cover was really bad. Not to mention it didn't feel anywhere close to being "Jamiroquai" like except for the name and face. Fans could have done better, AND HAVE!

Whether this cover took 2 seconds or cost 2 cents, it's still a higher quality than the other one. The Buffaloman has always been a draw for many people and still is. So I'm sure they'll do fine here in the US.

Another great track that never got the credit it deserved:

This is how Executive Music Group is related to Universal Music:

Fontana Distribution is a subsidiary of Universal Music Group. Executive Music Group is one of Fontana's labels.

From Wikipedia: "Fontana Distribution has been known to successfully round up albums worldwide from national Universal Music Group companies for American release"

Here's the rest:

I'm happy that this is finally happening, but beyond the hardcore US fans, no one cares. They get no exposure over here, and so they're borderline irrelevant at this point.

The cover isn't really my concern.
The release in the U.S. is.
And then a tour.

Someone over at Jamiroquai Inc. needs to pay a decent graphic designer... Jamiroquai artwork used to always be awesome, the past few albums it's sucked.

I still have faith in the music though, which is what really matters I guess. Smile was a gem.

I have been a fan for a long long time and I have always been surprise for the weird management decisions and huge lack of publicity and advertising that jamiroquai has. A 17 month delay for an album release is a joke. Crossing my fingers at this point like everybody else hoping for a US tour. Last time they were here (Dynamite) they played no more than 7 or 8 shows. I hope they can do something similar this year again.
About the album cover. Yes, its sad! Its like JK doesn't care anymore. I had same feeling of disappointment when I saw the winner for the album cover of "Smile" which was very poorly executed, compared to other fans submissions which were actually really good.

Well at least it finally gets released in the US as well. Personally, I think the album cover is quite an eyecatcher which might help to sell, although I also dont like it too much...

Being a fan since 1992, I have to say that RDLS is my favourite album (love the others as well of course..). However, it obviously sold below the epectations, especially compared to their previous albums. There was no single that really hit radio nor the charts, leading to poor attention for the album. The tour was great (joined it in Vienna and it was fantastic!), never ever heard Jay and the band doing so fine.

In the end, I think the record company did not earn as much as they hoped/budgeted, resulting to slowed down/stopped promotion of the album and postboned release dates in the US.

I also believe that the band donated the single "Smile" to us, the fans, to tell us: "hey, we are still here, and listen what we would have for you if our record company would only release it".

I hope the album will do great in the US, making its listeners happy. Its a fantistic piece of music, and that's what should count in the end!

I think it's great that the album is getting a US release at last. I do wonder if it will be in any/many record stores though (do record stores exist any more?).

I also wonder if the band actually have any knowledge that the album is being released in the US. I'd be very surprised if they do know about it (other than reading about it online on sites like this!).

I hope I'm really wrong with everything I've said above...

I wonder if it is just a gimmick to see if jamiroquai can sell then if sells are bad, which i am betting they will be, then no tour. the only way they are going to get big in the u.s. against other music is by doing a fast beat song or a remix. b/c lets face it..they are pop by todays standards. and pop sells.

Big question is when is the damn, long overdue US tour?!?!

what matters is they promote RDLS through the media: perform on daytime/ nighttime talk shows, do interviews and whatever else to get their music out there in north america

i don't need chart numbers to prove how good RDLS is or jamiroquai..i already know they are a great band and make great music both in studio and live

yes sales do matter in a way but that shouldn't solely be the reason to tour or not. If touring america causes some money issues, well they should cut back on decorating with the planets and image background. Its all about the band, jay's hat, great sound and putting an awesome live show

i do wonder if anyone from the band knows about this?? because someone this week asked rob on twitter for jamiroquai to do a show in america and he replied wanting to come but its not up to him where the band goes..i don't know his exact words but it was something like that

i'm happy about the news but it would be nice to get a followup on what happens next after releasing RDLS in the states

Took 'em long enough...I'll be sure to look for it. I just hope it has 'Smile' on the track list. As for a tour, I'll cross my fingers for that as well. If it doesn't happen, at least I have my memories of Boston '05.

Great news on the USA release... would be great to have Smile on the tracklist - what an amazing, beautiful song - perhaps that's why Jay has gone quiet... too busy with the woman he wrote it for!!!!! and as for the artwork... I like to believe that the band care very much and am sure there was a reason why the relevant artwork was chosen. Fingers crossed for a tour stateside

Unbelievable. Artwork can still be worse than the original RDLS. Please, Golden Buffalo man with that shocking pink floor? Quite appropriate for Spice Girls.

wow - this cover is even worse ;) didn't think that was even possible...
anyway - good thing for the us... and hope for some more new music and live shows...

@Henry TRUE! That track is a STORMER!

The recent album has seen it's share of highs and lows, I hope that the US release isn't done soft. At all. We LOVE Jamiroquai here in the states! Get a 'effin clue Marketing!

Good news on the US release. JQ's music is so heavily influenced on old American funk and soul it's always surprised me the lack of success and promotion over there. Still time I guess.

In terms of the bands current position; I have to say Smile reminded us all of where they should be. It sounds so natural for Jay and harks back to the jazzy / feel good stuff they did so brilliantly. I wonder had Toby Smith still been involved if the music would have been more like this. The current line up with Matt are brilliant - I'm just less convinced by some of the more pop rock tracks evedent in the last 2 LP's. There have been moments though - Seven Days, Hey Floyd, Smile, Two Completely Different Things.

Hope an 8th album is on the cards soon?

Bring back the original albums.....and band. Then the music will once again hit the heights of a God-like stature.

Personally I think they have a great band currently it's more the direction and vibe I was talking about. I think some if it is in production too; I like the more organic sounding days - Al Stone?!

Should add She's A Fast Persuader to top recent songs.

Bring on a new album

FFS get over the original band line up bollocks!!! Been gone, and dusted. The current line up is amazing - Smile is a blinding song as is SAFP, GTMD, S&M and others.... this band continue to evolve and live are just incredible. Have seen them play with the original line up many times and the current one and I know which I prefer.... The old line up will NEVER exist in this space time dimension. Get over it!!!!

Well DJ, it would be a good step in the right direction if the US got Smile as a bonus track. I think that would sit well with a lot of fans who are looking for incentives towards buying this release.

If I were to pick which song they should debut with over here, I would have to go with She's a Fast Persuader. You don't need to go with the title track and I find Blue Skies to be a bit slow for a release this late. So it's best to come out punching.

After 17 months in u.s all fans have just download this album (not) illegaly. Someone enjoied live in europe tour, someone else ordered their copy on itunes or amazon (not digital). So much congratulations to the business-plan of this music major.

They should release a new single to promote the album in the US...perhaps "Two Completely Different Things" or "All Good In The Hood"?

Agreed re different first single Catalyste. They should just put out a live video recording of which ever track is chosen.

Perhapse That's Not The Funk I Want / Angeline / Smile / Hang It Over might get a look in on the US version? Quite suprised non of those tracks got a look in on the LP. All good tracks

If you prefer this line up to the original, you just plain suck! Yes RDLS is a solid album, especially in today's awful music scene, but no way does it begin to even scratch the surface of previous works. Space Clav alone, as a live, beats every piece of work since TWM on it's own. FACT.


This album sux! When I listen to it I feel like I am receiving and enema with no anesthesia.

@nutsack Lol.... excellent. Perhaps it will clear out the crap that's coming out the other end!

Releasing RDLS in the US 17 months after the fact makes little sense. They should've created a new album and then packaged it alongside RDLS as a double-album.

As for all this talk about the old Jamiroquai being much better, while I'd be inclined to agree, it is what it is. I consider their current line-up to be representing Jay's solo efforts with the Jamiroquai brand name attached, i.e. not the same band, but similar.

Jamiroquai is a temporary creation which will eventually dissipate in due time. They made a solid contribution to music which will be enjoyed for many years to come, but a band/artist is a finite, fragile thing. To the record labels, they're expendable -- like a decorative ornament on a shelf, something to be replaced every so often to change the atmosphere. The labels do not have the same emotional attachment to Jamiroquai that many of you seem to.

Honestly, Jamiroquai should go independent, perhaps even go under a new name to erase the spectre of the past. The corporate middle-man is no longer essential. Today, artists can connect directly with their fans on the internet. There's no need to be beholden to a major record label when you can do it all yourself.

@Michael Can't tell you how many years I have shared that thought that Jamiroquai could have their music and releases complimented more by going back to their roots and either starting their own indie label OR signing with a relevant indie label. But JK really doesn't seem to want to go indie, I mean, if he did, given how current/past bandmembers have had 'economic woes', he would have to scale back his opulent lifestyle and sell a few of his cars given the high royalty rate that big label artists enjoy would be dramatically cut by 2/3. So JK having the fortitude to move Jamiroquai to indie probably will end up being a 'career's end' decision for him and the band down the road.

Also, just spotted a new sales listing for Jamiroquai's stateside release of RDLS on Target's website, though it still reads it's only available for 'online purchases'. Here's the sales listing link and let's hope it's just an 'initial typo' and the album is available at Target stores starting on April 24th:



JamiroFan2000, Jay already made a ton of profit off Jamiroquai. That said, Jay's lavish lifestyle is none of my business, yet he feels the incessant need to shove it in our faces, along with his political and religious views, during his interviews. Hey Jay, get over yourself.

If he is credited as the songwriter for most if not all of Jamiroquai's music, he's entitled to the royalties regardless of whether he's signed with a given label. Therefore, becoming independent wouldn't hurt him financially. Even an unemployed person sitting at home composing on his or her computer could start an indie career, so money is no excuse.

Besides, the labels aren't all they're cracked up to be with regards to market penetration. Just look at how they (mis)handled the RDLS promotion. At any rate, I think that Jamiroquai already hit their commercial peak with TWM and to a lesser extent Synkronized. They seem content to cash in on the name brand and established hits, much like other artists from bygone eras. So be it. I shouldn't be wasting my time trying to point them in the right direction.

After all, Jay's got a mansion.

I think the marketing image behind the album has some merit. When a new listener here in the states sees the buffalo man and the disco floor for the first time there will be an instant thought that the music on the album could be really hoppin. This is a great way to entice those dancing fools to look into the sound. Also, for those many hidden USA fans, they will be able to easily explain the band to a new listener because the image on this album is so meaningful. Using this image for the album cover could be a great way to get the word out more for the band even though the band has more exposure now in America than it has had in years. I now can hear Jamiroquai on the local news being used for the background music.

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