If I Like It I Do It early demo recording online

Added on Sunday 11 March 2012, 07:32 (GMT)

Over the past few years Nick Van Gelder, who was the original drummer with Jamiroquai has uploaded onto YouTube some classic audio recordings from the very early days of Jamiroquai.

Well, here's another great recording from his collection.  Nick has just uploaded a studio demo recording of If I Like It I Do It onto YouTube.  In his words, "Here's the demo recorded at EMI studio... Music written and played by me... lyrics JK!"

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YES YES YES! Do it like we used to do! (oh wrong song) This is gold!

Excellent stuff! Groovin' at my keyboard ^_^

Another new one to note, just uploaded today by Nick:
"If I Like It, I Do It" (DJ D-Zire Scratch Monitor Mix)

Listen to it here:

MP3 Rip Of It (by yours truly):

...very awesome alternate mix, never thought that D-Zire's 'wheels of steel' would mesh so well with this classic track...

also for those whom missed my first demo MP3 rip of 'If I Like It, I Do It' (EMI Demo), here you go:
enjoy these downloads and I will post again when more demos/sessions/mixes get online via Nick's YouTube Page...massive continued thanks to Nick Van Gelder for these rare glimpses of early Jamiroquai. Cheers! ~JamiroFan2000~

New Bong song!!


Precious version!!!

Amazing song!

it's pretty much the same as the real thing, less bg vox, lower quality with a few scratches thrown in..

This is simply fantastic. Any news on a UK gig soon though? Or are we going to have to wait another six years before we get the chance to see them again?


@JamiroFan2000 Who was that on the mic rappin' on the DJ D-Zire version? That caught me WAY OFF GUARD! SO AWESOME! I LOVE THIS BAND... *Tears of joy*

Even more! (courtesy of Nick Van Gelder)
The Buffalo Boys are back!

@Kenneth I haven't got the foggiest idea what MC is being sampled by D-Zire, sorry, wish I knew more...

here is my audio rip of the new Nick Upload live Jamiroquai Track..Enjoy!:

'Too Young To Die' (Early Live 1992):

Cheers and will comment again soon when more new stuff is uploaded. Thanks again to Nick Van Gelder for continuing to share this rare Jami goodness! ~JamiroFan2000~

Jay´s gotta open that vault in his studio and start uploading some dusted tracks!

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