Star Wars does Canned Heat!

Added on Monday 09 April 2012, 12:09 (BST)

Well I never imagined that I would get to see Han Solo from the Star Wars movies dancing to Jamiroquai but it's happened!

In the newly released Kinect Star Wars game for the XBOX 360 console one part of the game is a dancing sequence based on the Dance Dance Revolution game series where as Han Solo you get to dance to Canned Heat - albeit with slightly different lyrics.

There's a video over at the gamesradar website where you can see how the game looks after about 30 seconds or so.

Credit: Dave Harrison

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Fantastic! "You know I heard that Wookiee rhythm" - hahaha!

Absolute Class!!

Get Han to do a bong and you've got the 3 best things in the universe all combined.

This is so great!!! I do love both so it's fantastic! "I used to put my faith in starships" - "Wookiee rythm" :D

Amazing !!! "May The Dance be with you"

Lookiee Wookiee what I found, here is a full video, from YouTube of Han Solo/Lando dancing to Jamiroquai's 'Canned Heat' (at least a parody of it) on the 'dance dance revolution' part of 'Kinect Star Wars'....though, I think it's kind of weird seeing such badasses dancing to such nancy-boy disco music..LOL:




"Got Kashyyyk in my heels tonight baby"


Well found JamiroFan! I was looking for that before I sent the link to David.

This is horrible. Cheapens SW and Jamiroquai IMO

A great Jamiroquai track added, or rather "tweeked" into a science fiction LEGACY. It would have been a big plus to see JK on the floor with Han and Lando...

I know Canned Heat's a popular song because of another popular movie and all, but I'd think that "Use the Force" from the TWM album would have been more rewarding and less redundant to listen to.

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