Jamiroquai to perform in Sydney on New Years Eve

Added on Tuesday 15 November 2011, 09:19 (GMT)

A few days ago Jamiroquai guitarist Rob Harris mentioned on Twitter that...

"It seems we may be playing a new years eve show in Sydney."

...well, the news has now been revealed that on New Years Eve Jamiroquai will be one of a number of acts performing at Glebe Island in Sydney, Australia as part of the Sydney Resolution Concert Series.

More information and a chance to win tickets can be found at the Yahoo! TV website.

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Was hoping it was going to be shore thing at bondi that Jamiroquai were playing as I've gotta see Snoop,can't do both damn it!!

clash of the hats!

More info and timings here...

Gates : 2.00pm
Opening act Lyndsey Ollard : 4.00pm
Pseudo Echo : 5.00pm
Guy Sebastian : 6.00pm
Pet Shop Boys: 7.30pm till 9.00pm
Family Fireworks : 9.00pm till 9.20pm
Jamiroquai : 10.00pm till 12.00 midnight
Fireworks : Midnight to 12.20
Culture Club : 12.20 till 1.45am
Close : 3.00am

Can't think of a better way to ring in the new year than watching n dancing ure way along to Jamiroquai live. They were amazing in manc this year :)

Please also play sometime in february or march!! : )

So the band can make Sydney but not Antwerp on 3rd December?! Still hurtin over that cancellation having arranged tickets from Scotland for flights, hotels, babysitters etc etc! Sydney will be fantastic though in their summer versus the winter weather here!

Wow, this sounds absolutely amazing - what a perfect way to bring in the new year!

But it's very expensive and I don't live in Sydney. Please, please, please come to Melbourne too Jamiroquai!

@Big Baz - I have a feeling the cancellation in Antwerp was due to the Lotto Arena rather than Jamiroquai.

Here's an advertisement about the concert:

I travel to Europe to see the Antwerp gig, and then they go right back to where I came from, and I still don't get to see them

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