Antwerp concert on 3rd December cancelled

Added on Friday 28 October 2011, 15:38 (BST)

The Jamiroquai Facebook page has today (Friday 28 October) made the following announcement...

We are sorry to announce the cancellation of the gig at Lotto Arena, Antwerp (Belgium), on 3rd December. This is due to unforeseen logistical problems, which have led to the difficult decision to cancel the gig. We hope to re-arrange the gig in 2012.

This is unfortunately the eighth concert (as far as I know) to be cancelled this year.

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You have got to be joking, this is the second concert I have travelled to Europe from Australia for. I cannot believe this!!

Just need to know if it WILL be rescheduled? then people can start to change flights etc or if not get refunded or cancel things.

Ive paid for my Eurostar ticket from UK, taken holiday off work, for nothing.... this is not a good way to treat loyal fans. I wont be going to Belgium next year due to work, so how do i get my money back as the ticket company knows nothing about this!? JK i have fell out of love with you....

Damn! the price of fame baby! Jquai´s bout the get some nasty rep! They gotta kick somebodys behind for this!

this isn't fair to us, if someone got sick or seriously injured ok that is a different story but cancelling it one month in advance due to logistical problems doesn't seem right

i mean there is still time to fix this problem, they shouldn't quit on situation is this, i paid for 3 concert tickets from my own pocket and i took $$$ out from my savings to book this trip

don't get me wrong belgium is worth visiting but jamiroquai was the main attraction for me to go see

c'mon guys don't let the fans down, this is something that can be solved, either negotiating with lotto arena, relocate in another venue or something that can make us all happy

Perhaps do another Uk date we seem to have been forgotten :0(

Perhaps "logistical problems" is a euphemism for serious alcohol addiction issues? Then again, I could be totally wrong.

Serious Alcohol issue? Then the whole tour would be canceled... Useless comment.
It's clearly technical issues, probably with the Lotto Arena, or maybe it's due to poor ticket sale...

Whatever the case, it's another strike against Jamiroquai. First there was the horrendous marketing campaign for RDLS w/ poor singles, then came that shamelessly awful album cover with predictably dismal sales to match, and now we get sporadic tour dates which keep being cancelled or rescheduled due to 'unforseen circumstances' such as this.

Pretty difficult to maintain interest in a group that keeps tripping over themselves. Will Jay and Co. be content to keep selling out the Jamiroquai name brand until there's nothing left? They've become a novelty act with ticket sales hinging on a back catalog of nostalgic hits ...that is, when they can meet their obligations.

But, I guess, since they're Jamiroquai, they feel that they can get away with doing whatever they want. After all, Jay's got his fast cars, his mansion, his large swimming pool, etc. etc. In the end, that's all that matters, isn't it?


Michael you forgot the few terrible official site and facebook posts...such as "big news"! about this cancellation, it's just ridicolous, there are fans caming from USA, Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Uk, ...and this are only those I know...10 years ago they were filling any location, at my last gig the place was smaller and half 2012 they will probably reschedule the gig at the pub down the corner of J's place! They tour since what 15 years, and there still are logistic problems? ...anyway this was my last time so far!

In the interests of respecting others will just say "bums".
This was really THE event since 2006 for an international Jamily meet. It's not just a case of a gig cancellation, its the loss of the chance for friends to meet. That's the community spirit we're so lucky to have.
Looks like a party in geisenheim on the 3rd? May not have jamiroquaibut there's always funky nicki from Germany to put on a show.
Thoughts go out to those travelling from afar. I

I'm in for the party in Geisenheim and can't wait for Nicki's show (LOL)! but feel very sorry not to be able to meet a lot of the people I was supposed too, this will be another :" jam without the quai"...and no cancellation this time!!( hey there are more Jam without that with the Quai nowadays!!!)

Poor singles on RDLS? I disagree with you at this point, Michael. However, the cancellation of many gigs during RDLS tour is like "shooting themselves in the foot". I think they should better specify these "logistical problems" for fans to understand what is actually happening.

I am a huge fan but I am feeling that RDLS was a forced, studio commitment rather than an authentic, inspired work of creative musing. Jay is an authentic artist full of integrity and I feel his heart and soul are not in this tour and he just can't fake it. Hence, cancellations, poor marketing of RDLS and just an unforgettable group of songs, videos, etc. Jay we don't want you to be something your not. You don't look well or happy and we want you to be both!

But what happens? What's the matter there are too many shows cancelled during this tour... We'd like to know what are exactly these "logistical problems"?

What's going on come on Jay get it together where's the old quai spirit ?
I know it's still there just needs a bit of coaxing perhaps less manic your dates and more quality ! What's happened to the IF I LIKE IT I'LL DO IT spirit
Don't let the record co rule you !!
Jamiroquai is about jammin and being funky not record sales true fans know this and will always support you . >o+<

this is so s**t....plane, hotels and all.....anyone know any concert alternatves in Antwerp/Belgium this weekend?

I completely understand all my fellow fans complaints and gripes about all these cancelled gigs, which at a total of 8 cancellations is very high and doesn't bode well for Jamiroquai's past solid touring reputation. But a majority of the cancellations were justified, from the death of the stage rigger and J's injury, but you can't let these things disturb everything about Jamiroquai. Granted, Universal is at fault more than Jamiroquai for the underwhelming promotions of 'Rock Dust Light Star', and I do speak more than myself on that truth, but the album still turned out to be very very good and shouldn't be further faulted inbetween 'feelings of dejectment' because of the tour cancellations. Jamiroquai, like always, will make good on their tour commitments, be in 2012 or beyond. Just my 2 cents...cheers! ~JamiroFan2000~

Well said, JamiroFan2000! Jamiroquai will use their force!

I won't speak to the cancelled gig. But I will agree with the promotion of RDLS. First off, it's an incredible album. VERY good. But I do agree crappy singles (or 1 crappy single and one pretty good one)and worst of all NO U.S. release. I assume at this point it will never have an official U.S. release. What's the point at this point. You can't release an album 1 1/2-2 years after it's initial release. It should have been dropped with a BAM!!! worldiwde release. Worldwide tour etc.

Agree with JamiroFan2000. Also agreed that Jamiroquai PR leaves much to be desired (bizarre album cover, ham-handed singles promotion, amateurish internet presence, etc.) But come on, it's not all bad. The album is solid, the shows that have gone on have been top-notch, and we even scored the equivalent of a B-side ("Smile") for the first time in a decade. Sorry to those who've had their travel plans hosed, major bummer.

You're right JamiroFan2000, we just complain due to those useless expenses & the fact we're not used to that kind of situation!But it's sure Jamiroquai is a fantastic band and I will always support them ;)

it is understandable to why previous gigs were cancelled due to death and health problems, that something fans can not get upset about but the reason for cancelling antwerp is just isn't right and leaves little to explain in order for some of us to least they re-schedule some of those gigs

i originally planned to go to france but i thought i would be gambling those chances since it is possible that one of those french gigs would end up being cancelled and the way those dates are schedule close together i think it would be a little too much for the band and roadies

i have no choice but to get a refund from lotto arena and possibly cancel my trip altogether

i just hope there would be future gigs next year, that is my major concern at the moment

Jamirofan you're right, it's not the band who's responsible for all what we mentioned ( still...if you change normally you try to do it for the best and I suppose you plan things like album release, the kind of press campaign and so on) but the point is that this will only create damages to them, do u think someone who losted the money of a flight and hotel from let say USA will do it again easily? no!! it will think about not twice but 100 times!! same about the amateurish internet presence ( so well said), bad singles promotion and so on, it will only take away credibility to them and as loyal fans we don't like it, plus we don't like to be let down this way!

I am impressed that you all still travel to other countries to see the band play. Like dang...I couldn't afford that anymore even if I wanted to. If they come to the USA, cool...I'm there, but if it is another time zone - no way. Been there, done that.

do you guys think there will be more gigs in 2012?
i missed out on RDLS tour this year due to hectic schedule, so i hope i am not too late to catch them live

Been there, done that, at 'Love Box' Deesha.
I was 4th in line, 7 o'clock something in the morning, and you were 1st!
Hope you're well, xoxo

Hi Jamily! I just noticed that the sprint of concerts from the band in July led to JK getting a hernia and this last sprint of concerts, something like 7 concerts in 10 days, is leading to a cancellation again. I'm wondering if this hernia JK got in July has flared up again and we are being spared of this info because of any possible negative impacts it would have on the fan base if we knew that JK was down again. Keep the faith everyone. Tho it seems like when Jamiroquai was a free agent, we got more communication and when they were signed, the communication was skimpy. Any comments on this you guys?

Well they cancelled the LAST show of this Nov/Dec leg... If J was down again, they would have cancelled at least the first gigs or the whole tour... Not the last concert! As I told you previously, the band isn't involved in this situation. The funny thing is that we were informed about this cancellation before the band themself! ;)

its just a Question of your Love and believe me, you only have to be carefull of your love. Than you´ll win all your life-time. I hope you´ll understand, what´s meening. And: who said, it will be easy? Love to all sweethearts

Hi VeZi, I was thinking that working 7 concerts in 10 days would poop out the best of them and also work up some soreness. So it would make sense to me that after all that work in ten days, JK may have flared up this hernia again. I can see JK working to the limit. He's got good old fashion steadfastness and would keep performing til he can't. You sound like you're speculating like the rest of us. Do you have any ACTUAL information that you can share?

Hi Iroquoislady! I'm not speculating as I got in touch with a bandmember. They weren't aware of the cancellation 'til recently... :) And honnestly, I think 8 gigs in 14 days is something conceivable for them... They're not 70 years old! ;)

JQ are only human and cancellations do happen. Arranging to see a gig overseas is always a gamble. I'm with Deesh on this one.

Thanks VeZi! I'm comforted to know there's no medical issues here...thanks for the real deal info.... :)

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