Sola launches new website and other bandmember updates

Added on Wednesday 14 December 2011, 18:41 (GMT)

Jamiroquai percussionist and rhythm section master Sola Akingbola has just relaunched his personal website over at  

In other news, Rob, Paul and Derrick recently held a workshop at Leeds College of Music and together with Daniel Pearce their band 'Shuffler' will be performing at Bucks University Student Union on 17 December.  Early in the new year the band DOTFUNK will be performing at the Jazz Cafe in London.

If you like your music a little more rock/metal-esque then Paul Turner can sometimes being found playing bass for a group called The Dark Sinatras.

Finally, Jamiroquai were in action this past weekend - the band performed at the Red Bull Formula 1 Racing Team Christmas Party at Silverstone (near London) on Saturday 10th December.

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Does anybody know where to find footage of the red bull gig at silverstone? Would love to see some of it!

nice new website sola!! loved the teaser..Is there gonna be a new album???

The Shuffler videos are awesome!! haven´t see them yet..thanks david

Nice, Live in Wycombe and will be going to the student union for sure!!


Well... The shuffler videos are not awesone, in my opinon. It sounds like everything I dislike. That's why Jamiroquai sound pop and rock nowadays : because the musicians are in this mood...

The shuffler videos are like worse versions of "blue skies", "hurtin" and CSS's "whole lotta love". They are NOT good! Great that Sola has a new site though, checked it out, it's pretty basic but I'll be interested to see what comes from his first solo album :). I still REALLY want to check out something from the silverstone gig! Can't find anything though.

Shuffler videos are pop-rock ... Which is a more and more common side of jamiroquai ... Well I understand a musician getting tired of playing funk and disco all the time .. But I still like more the Sola acid groove feel in the video of his website, especially the first few secs.. Acid jazz has way more class.

If they are tired to play funk, ok, they can play what they want... but not endorsed with jamiroquai...

Wow, Wow, Wow. This was not good NEWS for me to check out. What are these guys thinking? What's with Sola's lyrics? Really Sola? Shuffler sounds so disconnected. Neither effort has a "sound".. just sounds like effort. That's not my definition of musical art. Funkadelic, enjoy you as usual dude. True that the Videos are a no go. Gotta go put on some vintage Jamiroquai and shake this one off! **shivers**

C´mon people, let´s not be that harsh. I´m an acid jazz and funk mega-nut myself and even I have some times that I want to derive to other musical genres. It just depends the way we are feelin ourselves and feelin the music we hear or play. Jamiroquai musicians are human beings themselves as well and therefore entitled to travel into different music paths. The tunes are not that bad, if we consider pop-rock world, which off course is not as musically exigent as jazz and funk. Let´s just be more tolerant with each other. Peace and love to all!

jamiroquai01fan, "Whole Lotta Love" is Zeppelin.

Jamiroquai is Jamiroquai, but I think it's fun to hear these guys in a new context. And you gotta respect that singer busting out the percussion chops!

Thumbs up to Shuffler...All of 'em, great musicians. A more straightforward sound than what most JMQ fans may be used to, but why on Earth should that be a crime?

I really don't understand your reaction 'cause: This is not 'rock' track... Sounds pretty funky to me ('Hair' & 'Mosquito's' at least!!) And I think they are free to play whatever they want... The word 'Jamiroquai' isn't even mentionned on their website, so what's the point?!

The point is these musicians play and sound exactly the same with Shuffler or Jamiroquai (even Derrick now...): no felling, it's flat and still the same lines. That's why Jamiroquai sound not enough funky in my opinion, because the actual bandmembers are in a "rock-poppy mood".

The first track in the collection of tunes is a Larry Graham track called Hair. Pretty damn funky in our opinion. Ok the 2nd track is a led zep tune. Prince covered it too and if it's good enough for him it's good enough for us. The last track is a nina simone song that was covered by Nikka Costa. We think all these tunes are pretty funky with other genres thrown in. We love playing funk, both with Jamiroquai and in other projects. I suppose we're just not blinkered and narrow minded in our approach to music. Most of all we just love having fun. For those comments about us being tired of playing funk why don't you come down to the Dotfunk gig at the Jazz Cafe next month instead of bitching and moaning behind your computer

That's not funk.

That's not the funk I want!!!

THATS NOT THE FUNK I WANT!!! Acid Jazz, Funk and CHEEEBA till i die!

Falco. I think you'll find that it is.

Me. I think you'll find it isn't.

Sola, brilliant site mate, and alot more simplistic; hope all is well with you.
Rob, wicked to read your post, and I feel a little embarrassed at what 'fans' write, especially the sad apalling comments right after your post. To think people come on here, write utter crap at the bandmembers, then stand in the audience applauding them at gigs... I think they call that 'beggar's belief'...
To the enirety of the band, have a wicked Christmas, and look forward to seeing you in 2012.
All the best.

I think that what sounds are coming out of some of the best musicians I have ever heard in my long Motown life is not coming out of this effort. Get a clue. Thinking anyone here is bitching is disrespectful towards fans who have heard Jamiroquai thru the many years and have come to see the magnificence in the skill coming out of this band. We are talented fans know? You just have to handle reality once in a while Rob H. Funk Pop Rock...whatever you want to have fun with....Go have fun...but yeah..we "get it" when you are just having fun.

Merry Christmas everyone.

0_0 everybody can have their opinion but you guys just have been harsh :S I didn´t like it.
Merry Chrismas Rob H and the rest of the band!!would love to come and see you live!!!! hopefully you will play outside london sometime ...

Sandriche and the others....I think you are being harsh by allowing mediocrity in the "other" band members who go outside the Jamiroquai band to have other experiences and do not honor the fans that have been loyal to the sounds we have come to enjoy from Jamiroquai thru the years. If they want to play at a less level, and I hear about it on this blog, damn straight I'm going to call it out. I also compliment efforts that sound great when they do. However, this is a Jamiroquai fan blog. Allowing for Jamiroquai to be exposed to mediocrity and not saying anything about it is behavior that should be on another blog.

If I wanted to be harsh, really harsh...oh let me be correct here and just say it....First, You need to go outside and cry. Then you need to go take your peon mentality to a blog that talks about wannabe musicians. You will be accepted there. I like Jamiroquai. I like efforts that honor all the work that goes into the Jamiroquai sound. The sound is a wonderful artistic variety and it is ALWAYS A CONNECTED SOUND. I like the fans that zero in and talk about the skill it takes to be in a Jamiroquai band. It takes alot of skill that should be protected not only by us the fans, but by the band members. If the band members of Jamiroquai want to lift up other musicians..this is only good if they don't disgrace Jamiroquai while they're doing it.

That may be contractual Sandriche.

I'm in the United States, let Jamiroquai come here again and sound like this crap and I will be all over this blog calling the likes of you to have your own blog. and NO I have no tissue for you.

Happy holidays everyone! Creativity and artistic expression shouldn't have boundaries, thats when new ideas take shape.

Take care. Here's hoping 2012 brings you health and happiness

ps: Looking forward to the Dotfunk gig in January, before more OU study

Joyeux Noël à tous ;)

Ever get the feeling Jamiroquai fans have been spoilt to the point of being damaged, by the bands past awesomeness?

Merry Xmas all!

I have to say I totally agree with Rob Harris regarding open-mindedness and creativity. I have been a huge Jamiroquai fan since 1993 and I am totally into acid jazz and funk. However, I can tell you that a lot of what has been written is not based on expertise. I simply doubt that most of you really know what funk is about. And I'm pretty sure that Rob, Paul and Derrick are more capable of delivering a funky and groovy sound than any of those wannabe experts writing about things they obviously do not know anything about. The tunes Shuffler play are doubtlessly funky tracks and two of them are widely considered to be "classic" funky tunes. Freedom of expression is great and important - fair enough. But what is the point of writing comments that attempt to insult professional musicians. In my opinion, that is just pathetic and cannot be taken seriously.

Timo, thanks for joining the rest of us wannabe experts. Professionals that put out music just to have fun need to be brought back to the real world when the sound is bad...this sound is disconnected. I like all the variety I hear from the band...acid jazz, pop etc...but this effort sounds disconnected. This sound now has influenced what we are hearing coming from Jamiroquai. Let's move on past this Rob H. phase and hear some more acid jazz. What cannot be taken seriously is your denial of the kinds of fans that listen to this music enough to be able to have a respectful opinion... that...unfortunately you can't handle. I want Jamiroquai to know what I think..good or bad. I'm from Motown. Detroit. I have loads of expertise in music. The last thing I want is for a fan to consider Jamiroquai's awesomeness to be a past event. Timo, Go grab a tissue and go to another blog.

It's Christmas Iroquoislady...
Take a break.

iroquoislady, i don't think your opinion is respectful at all. 'acid jazz' as a genre is dead, get over it. jamiroquai wouldn't be around today if they did the same thing over and over again, and i think they've done a great job balancing the old and trying new stuff over the years. what do you want, eight emergency on planet earth's? that would be boring. you clearly don't understand the way bands or the music industry work.

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