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Added on Wednesday 27 July 2011, 20:24 (BST)
Jamiroquai have made the following statement following the last minute cancellation of the concert in France on Tuesday evening... Jay Kay would like to apologise to disappointed fans for the cancellation of last night's show in France. Jay's on-going groin injury has been diagnosed as a hernia which will be need to be operated on later in the summer. Following an MRI scan last week specialists had advised rest but Jay has insisted he wants to try to finish the current run of dates. Doctors have said that provided he manages the pain sufficiently he can continue performing if he feels able. During the course of the past two days the pain flared up again and yesterday he reluctantly decided he did not feel he well enough to perform last night. After two days rest he is hopeful he will be able to complete the remaining 4 shows of the current run, including Toulon tomorrow night. Jay said "I would like to thank fans for their understanding, this is a very frustrating injury and some days the pain is just too extreme to perform to a standard I believe is acceptable. I promise I will do my best to come back out again soon when I'm fully fit and am optimistic I'll be able to pull off the remaining shows of the run."

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Get well soon Jay.

Dont be daft Jay, listen to your Don't be a martyr.

Cancel the gigs if needs be.Rather have you fit and well!

Take care, keep smiling!


So, this means the tour continues, in expense of jay's injury evolution, right?

:/ Get well mate

Hi Jay,

Sure yesterday was disappointed, 1600 kms to see the show ... finally cancelled really lately. The weather is horrible (too much rainy, mainly around 22h, exactly when the show was planned).

I would like to see your show in this great place : Les arènes de Bayonne !

Your health is totally more important.

I took new tickets for november in Paris, place is not really cool, Bercy is a too big.

Anyway, take care !

See u in november,


@ Reeroo: Exactly.

Jay, care you!

for all us in Barcelona and Malaga is enougth if you only sing seat, no dance and no jump. No problem, only listen you!!



Sorry to disrupt the flow for a moment. Got this on a mail shot from a Gallery I'm connected with.

The link above makes me giggle...seems as if great musical minds are following Jay and the guys lead :) re: art competitions and music! lol! Obviously great minds thinking alike!

Keep smiling :)

You don´t play around with a ALWAYS has to come first...I would have cancelled the rest of the shows. late cancellations are worse.

I am sorry for all the fans of course too.

All the best for you Jay

i dont know if this has been discussed elsewhere, but Jay is getting old. he should totally tone down his dancing so he can fulfill his commitments without injury

Hi Jay, you have done so many magnificent shows during the last couple of months. Thank you for always bringing us good mood and great pleasures! Take care about your health now, more important than anything. Your soul is always in our hearts.

Take care of you, be reasonable you need some rest (health first!!!)& get well soon.
See you in November,if everything's ok, got my tickets for Paris ;*

He's becoming the walking wounded. First the ankle and now this! Slow down, Space Cowboy...the fans will be there when you come back.

Take care of you Jay,
I wish you all the best

If you want the setlist from 29 July Six fours gig , maybe to write it in the "live" section ;) :

Black capricorn day , Main vein , Cosmic girl , High times , Morning glory , Little L , Canned heat , All good in the hood , Hey Floyd , Feels just like it should , Love foolosophy , Travelling without moving , Scam , Alright , Deeper underground , White knuckle ride .

A great gig , a great place , and great music !! Thanks for this moment guys !


I had a great laugh,dude.
What about Mick Jagger,Madge etc.Should they all calm down-i don't know how their performances would look like.Of course the health factor comes first, but every performance onstage is a package of music,vibes,dance,spoken word etc.
Gute besserung from me to Jay ,too


LOL, Mick Jagger has definitely calmed down since he started! The man's in his 60's and he wasn't a dancer like Jay is. You see the difference, don't you? Jagger has paced himself a lot lately. Heck, he's thrown together a new band full of music's notables. Thing is, they're all known for singing, not dancing.

I think what Mike was getting at was that Jay shouldn't be pressured into dancing like he's 20. The commitment to perform is there, but not the body or energy.

If he's not healthy, you have no show.

Amazing gig yesterday in Barcelona. BUT, he was clearly not in his best shape... had to rely on the band not to force himself -wich is never a bad thing- and thus made longer endings. Probably to have to sing one less songs in total?
Anyway great night and I recall Jay's Words, "It won't be long till next time, I promess"
And then they left, leaving me with a big, BIG smile on my face =)

PS Catalyste, yesterday IT WAS a show... he didnt jump and did very little dancing but he compensated by giving more time to band playing. Wich, as said, it's not bad news at all.
Clearly he needs rest but for me, seeing him wanting to end the 4 remaining shows is one of the reasons I'm hooked to them during this last 15 yrs ^^
Cheers again

Touche. They are a band after all.

7 dates cancelled so far. I´ve said on the beginning of touring that this calender would be to heavy for Jay Kay.. Oh well I wasn´t wrong. Buy less cars dude and you won´t need this heavy touring .. You are on your fourties mate its time to slow down.

get well soon, love you Jay!


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