Greenpeace auction for Paris concert 'meet and greet' with Jay

Added on Tuesday 30 August 2011, 22:20 (BST)

Greenpeace are currently raising money to help fund a new 'Rainbow Warrior' boat and have a number of prizes donated by celebrities to the cause.  Jamiroquai have offered four tickets to the November 22 concert in Paris together with the chance to meet Jay after the concert back-stage.

The auction is currently running at the charitybuzz website and ends on 21 September.

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Hello I'm Constanza from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've been a fan of Jamiroquai since I'm 11 years old, I'm 25 now and I'm still a huge fan of Jamiroquai! I really support the cause and deeply share the band's interest in ecology. Hope this could be done and meet Jay soon!

Well done all.. A terrific cause well worth supporting!

I see Dyego's artwork has been used AGAIN!!

yes...can somebody please give Dyego some credit..this is getting ridiculous..

thumbs up for the good cause! may it go up high!

Dyego needs to start watermarking his stuff.

i was planning to bet but it exceeded the max i would spent so it seems like 2 bidders are battling out for that prize

This is awesome, but how is the estimated value $3,000.00? That's like 700 a ticket. Dang.

Just thinking aloud here....Hope security checks are made on winning bidder (ie: names against tickets, and Id. etc)

I have a horrible feeling, that some business may try and resell the tickets on ebay, recover costs, then make a profit on top, at the expense of Greenpeace, but using Jay as a marketing ploy.

Remember the ebay fiasco when people started trying to sell Live8 tickets in 2005.

Perhaps Im just over thinking things...Great cause, good luck to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, just paid out for my next OU course (DD303), so need to replenish the coffers!

Keep smiling! :)

Hey guys, this can not be re sold and also the winner is being checked by charity buzz. please see the conditions, this auction house is super professional.
Also it is for 4 people! the value is more than ok!

700 a person is a value? I am definitely getting old! Good Luck to all the bidders and to the charity.

Thanks for checking Valeria. I'm sure your'e right!
My head is full of Cronbach's alpha coefficient, randomised control trials, and quantitative research (I hate! )Apologies for the incoherent ramblings!

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