Bayonne concert cancelled

Added on Tuesday 26 July 2011, 21:29 (BST)

According to the website the concert tonight (Tuesday) in Bayonne, France has been cancelled because of Jay suffering from a hernia.

It seems like the concert was cancelled with very little (if any) notice.  Keep checking the bands Facebook page for any more information about the concerts later this week and beyond.

Credit: Peggy Timmermans

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Is it just me or should Jay be getting rested and sorted out? New dates keep being added to the tour schedule when surely if Jay isn't fit it isn't in his, the bands or the fans interest to let him continue? No one wants to be disappointed but health should come first. Get well soon Jay Kay.

I agree Sarah, even if my trip to Barcelona has to be cancelled, I prefer a fit Jay on stage than a sos so concert. So take your rest and get fit!

Return the money from the tickets but gasoline for 550 km and 25 € toll, lunch, dinner ... Who takes care of travel expenses??

that's not the lump I want.

Marta, i know it's bad if u spended that money... but this is a health problem.. he needs to be ok... :/ at least u met a new place ;)

Money and time off from work!!

I agree with Sarah and Pamelita.

Jay if your'e reading this, appreciate its your decision, but perhaps postpone the 16 gigs left until next year? Recharge the batteries, re-assess the drinking, get fit and on top form. The fans and band understand, and appreciate you care enough to give a great performance, not exhausted and ill...

Appreciate there may be a financial loss, but what price is health, sanity and peace of mind? The touring schedule looks too punishing as is. Stuff what the management/record label/Media want. Got to do what's right for you.

Get that '60s inspired classic car ready.. Chelsea Autolegends is waiting. (Like Austin Healey's and Mini Cooper's myself!)

Take care! keep smiling!

@Marta: It's comments like that that make me wonder if you're a real fan or you're just there to claim to be one.

Jay should take a vacation. He should be cancelling the rest of the shows for this year (or at least for a month) so he can heal up properly. The man is overdoing himself. Everyone (ok, some) knows that you don't heal up with only a couple days rest. That's just BS and he's really trying hard to not make his public worry. However it just keeps getting worse for him. His doctors should strap his proud butt to an airline chair and set that jet to some unknown destination so he can relax and recover. It's costing him and his band more money by cancelling shows due to illness than to just simply reschedule them for later dates due to health issues.

BTW, you should take advantage of seeing a new place to help you fully enjoy your travel experience.

How about Jason not realizing he's over 40...

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