Two new French dates announced

Added on Thursday 14 April 2011, 20:12 (BST)

Two new French dates for July have been annoucned/posted on the Jamiroquai Facebook page:

  • 28 July, Nice, Palais Nikaia
  • 29 July, Toulon, Six Four Festival

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please come to northern France or southern England! Sorry to annoy everyone but I think it's not that fair that there's no word on Lyon or getting your money back. But I have moved on and hopefully they can too, from this tragedy.

Hi,haven't been on the forums lately.David or someone,have you noticed 2 concerts on the same date in France? Vienne and Nice on the 28th July.I know they are dynamic,but there are limits! I loved Zurich ,nice to meet Cosmic Girl and others.Thanks for the company.Hope Jay is well again.

Pippa : Vienne had been announced, but sales had been put on hold after the events in Lyon and the whole thing had been put on hold.
Now the Vienne gig has disappeared from ticketing websites and a couple of news articles have confirmed the gig in Vienne won't happen, so it's definitely Nice that's happening.
"Whatever it is...", I agree communication about the Lyon follow-up has definitely been poor...

Francois: thank you for the explanation.

thanks also for the explanations.Nice is nice anyway.! Maybe I'll make it or in Bern in July. I may be working at the Montreux Jazz Festival this year.Pity they are not on the line-up.There are some great classic acts though,Santana,Deep Purple,Quincy Jones.Hope to get to see some of them.

Will highjack this news item...the O2 was amazing. Best gig since the Scala for me. Band were totally tight; loved Canned Heat and Travelling.
I totally lost myself in the music at times and this really reinforced the feeling that the live music gives to me. So glad to have my vibe back.
Thanks Jamiroquai

Cant seem to see a space to submit a comment for this.. perhaps someone could open up a page?

Just wanted to say thanks everyone for a fantastic gig in Manchester,well done everyone concerned! A slick professional show.

Only one tiny tiny niggle.. on one of the songs the four spotlights stage right started going into strobe mode.. I found it a little bit sick making, but worry if some of the audience suffer from epilepsy it may trigger an attack,(photosensitivity). Could warnings be given thanks!

Hope the band manage to get some well deserved rest and feet up, with weather like today, time to get in the back garden get the veggies planted!...

Jay - soon be time for that roast beef dinner, heavy on the gravy, yorkshire puds, roast tatties, English mustard...washed down with a builders brew (tea)..fantastic! then feet up! Good to see you looking in better health..take it easy,the alcohol didnt seem to be doing you any favours, it just messes up the system!

Some fabulous solos on guitar, keyboard and saxophone.

Please pass on my best wishes to all. Happy Easter!

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