UK tour finished... what did you think?

Added on Thursday 21 April 2011, 21:00 (BST)

On Thursday night Jamiroquai finished a short four night set of concerts taking in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.

I went along to the gig at the O2 in London and I've never seen such a huge venue filled to capacity with screaming dancing fans.  What a great atmosphere.  Once again I was super fortunate to have been able to get some photos for the Jamiroquai facebook/website which you can find online now.

Additionally, if you've picked up one of the official tour programmes at any of the recent European concerts then you'll find quite a few more of my photos on the pages there as well!

So, with the current European and UK dates over with for now, and on the eve of some dates in South America what did you think of the concerts?  How about the set list?  The lighting?  The sound?  The party atmosphere?  Feel free to post your mini-reviews or chat about the recent concerts as a comment to this news item.

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UK tour that laves out Wales and Northern Ireland (where I live) is hardly a "UK tour" and also leaving out the Republic of Ireland how am i ever supposed to see these guys live! I hope there is some sort of second leg

We went to o2 it was awesome good to see the boys back and on terrific form
Amazing lighting and stage especially liked glowing adidas trainers and top for space cowboy
What more can you say ? Come back soon :0)

Went to the Manchester gig and it was amazing! My first time but certainly not my last!!! They totally rocked, im having withdrawal symptoms. Watching Jamiroquai live is addictive! :-)Can't wait for them to tour the UK again-don't leave it too long!

Oh btw David your pictures are amazing on the fb page and in the programme booklet! I could instantly tell they were yours and could amazingly remember which gigs they came from! Great job :-)

I went to MEN Manchester it was great had a brill time
Space Cowboy and Cosmic Girl went down really well
I was a little gutted that the green keyrings sold out everywhere and so quickly though?? Anyone got a spare for sale???

Just wanted to say thanks everyone for a fantastic gig in Manchester,well done everyone concerned! A slick professional show.

Only one tiny tiny point.. on one of the songs, the four spotlights, floor mounted stage right started going into strobe mode.. I felt a bit queezy, sitting directly opposite them, but worry if some of the audience suffer from epilepsy it may trigger an attack,(photosensitivity). Could warnings be given thanks!

Hope the band manage to get some well deserved rest and feet up, with weather like today, time to get in the back garden get the veggies planted!...

Jay - soon be time for that well deserved roast beef dinner, heavy on the gravy, yorkshire puds, roast tatties, English mustard...washed down with a builders brew (tea)..fantastic! then feet up! Good to see you looking in better health..take it easy,the alcohol..youve never looked better!

Some fabulous solos on guitar, keyboard and saxophone.fabulous craftsmanship!

Please pass on my best wishes to all. Happy Easter!


What a spectacular evening in Glasgow. I think the earth may have moved for me!

The O2 was a great show, lighting spot on, set amazing. Great atmosphere, everybody dancing I loved it - didn't want it to end. Jk looked gorgeous as always, the rest of the band were perfect. I couldn't have asked for more, the best thing was no 'golden circle' we got straight to the front, the show felt like a big 'thank you' to the fans. Can't wait to see the guys again- hopefully very soon.

O2 was a great gig. Jay on fine form. Sola looking super cool as usual. Great set. Great light show. Great night! Loved it. Did a lot of dancing, to the amusement of many! Haven't seen the programme yet, need to get a copy!

I went to Birmingham and Manchester, and the experience was incredible. The setlist was excellent, and each member of the band was on top form.It was a privilege being at both venues.I thought the MEN was more atmospheric than the LG,but then that's understandable due to bigger capacity.I loved Jay's jokes about his cravings for a 'pint' on both occasions! You could tell the band were enjoying it as much as us. The concerts made you proud to be a Jamiroquai fan.Was surprised about omission of Virtual Insanity, but versions of Canned Heat, Cosmic Girl and Travelling Without Moving simply blew me away and more than maked up for that.And they concluded with a double encore of FJLIS and WKR in Manchester.

During Love Foolosophy,Jay jumped off the stage in MEN to get closer to the audience.When he shook my hand, I was overwhelmed as he is one of my idols. A little sad I know,but it made my night complete! All the ladies looked as beautiful as ever, and they add so much to the band. I loved the warm up 'house' DJ's music collection prior to the shows, and kudos to Lucie Silvas, who was a great performer, although admittedly her music is not my type of thing. Didn't want the nights to end,and the fans in South America attending the gigs are very lucky! They're in for a treat and the time of their lives. I just hope that I get to see this band again very soon as they are very special.

I went to see the gig in Birmingham, was ace! Have been keen to see the band for a long time but never had the chance. Loved seeing them.

Only minor issue was the sound! Think the sound engineer had done too many tours...don't think his ears are up to par any more! Was a shame.

Other then that loved it...can't wait to hopefully see you again!

I went to the LG arena Birmingham and I hate to say was very dissapointed with the sound, I've been to many Jamiroquai concerts which have all been amazing.

Apart from that Jay and the band were fantastic.

Was upset that all the key rings sold out so fast, would love to be able to buy one from the official website.

Great shows in Paris and Brussels, we could see how happy the band was. The versions of Cosmic Girl, Canned Heat, Travelling and Space Cowboy truly blew my mind! It was a fantastic time, I hope I can attend more gigs this summer!

Band was tight, stage looked stunning but the setlist should have included more tracks off the new album if this is an album launch tour, not only 3-4...

Great shows in Rotterdam and Birmingham,however thought Birmingham edged it out of the two.I got the feeling that this tour was more about the band than just Jay,still waiting for Fast Persuader live.Surely there must be a second leg for Nottingham,Cardiff and N.Ire and Eire fans.Loved the montages on the giant screens and the longer versions of songs,still think they could add another 30 seconds to Love Fool!

Was at the Glasgow gig, just superb, band as tight as ever. 7th time for me seeing them and they just get better and better, arrangments on some of the older tunes superb, musical craft at its very very best. Hope they come back soon, Jay in great form at the front, loved the Scottish Saltire flag also, nice touch.

I was at manchester and glasgow, they were both fantastic!! right up front for both and had a blast the whole time - we even got a thumbs up from rob when they were leavin after the glasgow concert for going wild the whole time! there were a few clowns behind me and my brother trying to get our space at the fence when we'd been there from 6.10 just to get it! no chance!!

I went to birmingham and thought it was really good! Jay and the band were really on form and you could see they were enjoying it.
My favourite was TWM, i think it really showed how talented the band are and was so funky! The newer versions of some of the old songs were also really good.
Good to see such a positive response from the fans from all the gigs, seems like everyone had a great time! hopefully they'll come back soon!

I saw your pics in the programme David, brilliant as always, I was pleased to see your name in the back!

Great gig at the MEN, I loved Space Cowboy, Love Fool, and the new version of Main Vein is fantastic! Jay seemed on good form vocally and the band were as amazing as ever, I can't wait to see another show, hopefully with less distractions (drunk guys being thrown out of the arena).

Unfortunately I live in the US and only hope they will make it here. But when fall??

BUT!!!!! David your photos are amazing. I saw them on FB a few days ago and they are some of the best you've shot yet. Totally amazing. Thank You! and I hope everybody had a great time at the shows. What I have seen online so far has been great and the stage/lights look awesome. One Love

yeah there was a lad in the MEN crowd who had eyes like golfballs and he was going around annoying everyone. Apart from him, who seemed to have disappeared after a few tracks, great atmosphere, fantastic gig. Little L was my highlight of evening, Cosmic Girl was fantastic, with everyone singing and dancing along & they played Space Cowboy which is my favourite. Amazing night, which i will be remembering for a long time to come

After i missed the concert in Paradiso Amsterdam,due to my moms illness, I had my mind set on the Brussels show, all expectations i had came true, I danced my @#ss off,and had one of the best moments of my life. The sound was a bit poor but the stage was beautifull with the lighted planets. Wow i remember that is was really hot in there. I also attended the Rotterdam Ahoy show, got myself all the way to the front of the stage again, this time i was alone, never the less this show was even better than the Brussels gig. Main Vein Smoke and Mirrors,Traveling were exceptionally marvelous,I liked the Scam piece I totally lost it!! Thank you so much Jay,Rob,Matt,Derrick, Sola,Paul and the wonderfull backgroundvocals. The urge to see another show is soo huge right now.. too late.. I want to again..Oberhausen sounds good..yepp,I made up my mind!

I saw the Manchseter show. Was fantastic, Jay seemed really up for it. His dancing was great and vocals were really strong. My favourite has to be the new version of Main Vein and also Love Fool. But I got kinda distracted during Love Fool when that drunk guy with eyes like golfballs fell over or something and lost his glasses. Him and his annoying friend got chucked out soon after I think. So annoying, Jay and the band are performing Love Fool and these two clowns were ruining it for everyone. Apart from that it was one of the best shows I've ever seen :-)

I'm glad it wasn't just me who was distracted by those idiots haha. People wonder why I don't drink....

Saw them at Vienna Stadthalle in Vienna. Best Jami gig I've seen so far (and there already were some...). Brilliant band, Jay with best voice ever, lovely crowd, great stage setup and good set list. Already looking foward for the next show! :-)

Saw them in Glasgow. Best version of Love Fool I have ever seen. Funky and achingly lovely. Wow!

Was at the SECC on wed. Best gig of my life. Space cowboy had me in tears.

Sorry to be controversial, but I was quite disappointed with the O2 gig. As a previous poster has already stated about the LG Arena (which I have experienced myself), the sound quality in the O2 was awful. Add to that the set list was very geared towards the fair-weather fan, and I wasn't as blown away as I usually am (although they're still WAY superior to anybody else on the planet). In my opinion, their performance at Hyde Park last Summer was superior. It didn't help that we had people around us who had no concept of personal space (even though we were quite far back).

I did, however, love the new Canned Heat. Quality.

Still buzzing after seeing the guys in Manchester! I was so excited despite also seeing them last year on my birthday at Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park. I thought the set was stunning, loved Jay's energy and the whole band were as tight as ever. Bit disappointed that there were no feathers or Fast Persuader but it certainly didn't spoil a fantastic night! I danced so much I couldn't feel my feet in the end! Nice to see fans ranging all the way up from young teens to (and no offence intended) fifty somethings! Awesome! Hope we don't have to wait too long for our next Jamiroquai fix!

Lesley, like you, I am still buzzing!! In fact, some people might face a come down after a high, but I'm trying my damned hardest not to peel off that ceiling!!

Best Belated Birthday present EVER. I turned 29 last Sunday, and went to see them in Manchester. I was in the standing area at the front in a greyish white coat, and it was nice to make a few friends on the night, as well as meet the band again. When Jay came to shake hands with people at the front, I was the one who pulled out a picture. If you were there, and you're on twitter, you're very welcome to follow me and get in touch on there. Or, if you're not and you post on here, there's a chance that we said hello. Same goes for other fans, I would love to hear from you.

From what I saw on youtube it looked all pretty perfect..Amazing new arrangements. I agree with zsoma on the fact that the " ROCK DUST LIGHT STAR -TOUR" would need some more Rock dust light star songs!!!...On summerfestivals I expect a more " commercial" setlist..but on THEIR tour to promote the album....

but despite that congrats to the band and the whole band involved for the great concerts performed so far

I'm so jealous the folks in the UK got to see these gigs, which sound amazing! I'll definitely be looking for clips on YouTube. Here's my question - when are the coming to tour the USofA again?!?!?!?!?

i think everything that is currently going on with the world tour is fantastic...i love the stage designs, the images, the new arrangements of the songs and most of all the band...they sound a whole lot better than compare to their last world tour

i am just hoping there will b news of touring north america sometime later this year...i really want to see jamiroquai live, it would be my first time going to their concert..i would like to travel to europe to see them but its just too expensive and i rather save $$$ for when they do come to north america, i just wish they could give some sought of sign

SECC was phenomenal. Get better everytime I see them. Great versions of Canned Heat, Love Phool and Main Vein, but Travelling was best! Unfortunately like some other comments, start of concert was spoiled by drunken knob annoying everyone around him. Stripped off his shirt, buffaloman tattoo on his back with what looked like Italian flag through it. If you read this have some respect for fellow fans who are minding their own business!!

I had the pleasure to attend the O2, and the honour to be accompanied by many of Jamily. For me the gig was fantastic, I loved every second of it.

Seen Jay in Ahoy Rotterdam, what a show! I like the pictures, is there any way i can get them in High Res? Want to hang one on my wall

@Little H. The experience was all the more wonderful for sharing with Jamily...I echo your sentiments.
Even though I wasn't part of your front row possee (this time) - I was with you in spirit and also very much enjoyed watching you waving your arms around to the whole of 02 so I could see where you were....

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