Oberhausen concert cancelled due to Jay Kay illness

Added on Tuesday 12 April 2011, 18:57 (BST) and the official website of the Konig Pilsener Arena in Germany have confirmed that tonights (Tuesday's) concert has been cancelled. writes:

Unfortunately owing to illness tonights Jamiroquai concert in Oberhausen has had to be cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will advise of the rescheduled date for the concert as soon as we can.

The Konig Arena website says (English translation 'attempt' courtesy of Google):

Because of an acute flu-like infection of the singer Jay Kay of Jamiroquai has today's concert will be canceled. The organizers are seeking a new date and hope to announce these shortly. Tickets remain valid or can be returned to the box offices, where they were acquired.

The band are set to perform in Rotterdam tomorrow (Wednesday) and in London on Friday.  These (and all future dates) are currently not affected.  For the latest information please check

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Get well soon Jay! Rest plenty! Eat well, SLEEP! ease off the alcohol!

The touring schedule looks too punishing.. has anyone factored in some time off in between gigs? How can anyone give a good performance if their energy levels are drained, consequently vulnerable to infection!

drove 600km. tired now. get well soon! hoping for tomorrow now...

1 hour before the doors would open... Jay did not get docters permission to sing. Last minute cancellation. Think everybody is sad, band And audience. Fingers crossed for tommorow.

someone pump him full of lemsips!

hey " me"...I agree with you..If you think of all the travelling in between, soundchecks, looks pretty hectic to me..but then again I am aware of how much every extra day must cost ( the whole crew has to get paid)...
and everybody who travels around knows that often if you come to a new country you are specially vulnerable to viruses etc...anyway..hoping jay is fit soon again and sorry for all the fans.hope you get a chance to see them anyway. :)

Seeing Paul Turner's message on the off site is looks like Rotterdam is on tonight! Yes. Hope J is well enough to give a 100%. See you tonight everybody!

Get well soon Jay!!

Yesterday evening in Rotterdam was fantastic! We were very lucky that Jay was well again and that the band gave a wonderful performance! UK party people: you have something to look forward to!!

We're looking forward to London on Friday! We hope you're feeling tip top now Jay!?

can't wait to Manchester on Tuesday =D

Ditto EDDI! One more day at work then roll on manc n tuesday! Hope 2 c u there!

The gig at the Ahoy was awesome! I'm happy Jay was feeling better, the performance was great! See you next time!

Jay, please get well soon!!

I guess JK'll have to start making tea instead of smoking that famous skunk he smokes :)

jay, i hope u get better soon¡¡¡

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