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Added on Saturday 05 February 2011, 19:25 (GMT)

According to Spanish website Jay was in Paris on Friday buying a 1962 Ferrari 250 motor car.

"...The buyers, according to the auction house were all individuals, and among them was the lead singer of British band Jamiroquai, Jay Kay, who was present at the meeting and agreed to pay 190,300 euros for a Ferrari 250, 1962."

I'm not sure if he managed to be in London for the Rock The House competition launch that he was announced to be also attending though on the same day.

Credit: Ben Tarlow

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Ahaa doesn't surprise me Jay is always reading auto trader. Cheeba

Yeah, yeah
Have you heard the news today?
Money's on the menu in my favorite restaurant,
Now don't talk about quantity,
There's no fish let in the sea.
Greedy men been killing all the life there ever was,
And you'd better play it natures way,
Or she will take it all away...

Easy on Jay now. He does plenty of charity work as it is--and since he performed in Paris last week I don't think it should be surprising that he stayed a bit longer to go to the auction

@ FunkEducation I was reading your comment with WYGL on and it was perfectly in time by complete chance. Ahaa that was a little freaky. Cheeba....

Yeah, but where are the news?

hahaha yeh man, u know, some people say one thing and make another! the best bro..! ;)

FE, Cars have always been a passion in Jay's life; As a boy, he travelled a lot with his Mother. He even listed it before job, wife, dog and home. When you read that he does about 3000 miles a year, too, then he's not the sell-out you're implying he is. Furthermore, you wouldn't have got the message of the song you quoted. It was more about anti-greed, exploitation and corruption than militant or pro-environmentalism. A call on the World to take a look at itself and how it behaves towards others. That we should take more seriously the challenges facing humanity. Also, about a (younger) generation trying to find rays of hope, and have a good time along the way. That Jay owns some nice cars doesn't make him a sell-out. He did, after all, work very hard for what he's got. Not flaming you here, I just find it something of a cheap dig or perhaps jealousy on the part of others.

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