Lifeline UK chart position (or not!)

Added on Sunday 06 February 2011, 21:12 (GMT)

So, Lifeline was apparently released in the UK last week (30 January) - not that it was possible to buy it anywhere.  

The single had been on the BBC Radio 2 playlist a few weeks ago, the band performed on a couple of UK TV shows and Jay recently had a good chat live on the BBC Breakfast television show.

The main thing that was missing was an actual single to buy!  On iTunes the only track you could buy was the album version from Rock Dust Light Star.  The single edit, available on a promo, was nowhere to be seen.  Remix wise there was a remix (if that's what you call it!) put online but I didn't see anything else.

A decent single release with some good 'b-sides' (remixes or other tracks) could have been good promo to help publicise the upcoming UK/world tour but unfortunately it seems that the powers that be chose otherwise.  The single unsurprisingly failed to appear in the Official UK Singles Top 100 chart.

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Well, is this the record company doing this or is it just the low fan base in the UK, and the fact that singles do not exist anymore?
I still think he leaves it too long between albums, everyone gets into them and then nothing and he is forgot, ppl dont want to try and get back into his music, newer bands have an album every 2 years and still manage a world tour. come on JK this is a JoKe

Bizarrely maybe, I don want a Janiroquai album every year or two. They're not a pop manufactured band who have writers for them, who bang out tracks after tracks. For me, its been a 15yr journey, where I've liked some stuff, loved to death others and tolerated a few dodgy ones, but that's the point. I kinda don't want them to be mainstream, just as they are is fine by me!

Jamiroquai are the biggest selling active British Act of the 1990s (seeing as Spice Girls and Oasis are no more), and still have a solid fan base (despite some fashionable sheepish hate on Twitter). On this site, fans old and new style, have been asking for a physical single, or one we can buy on downloads. We, the long-term Jamiroholics, even discussed the death of the single and decline of B-Sides. Why haven't the suits at the record labels listened to us? Not all of us want to see Bieber and Gaga or the Wanted and One Direction rammed down our throats. Virtual Insanity remains one of THE greatest music videos of all time; Why aren't they investing more in the group? They would be able to do something visually creative. I can't speak for others on here, but personally, I think it's nice to see my favourite bands at the top end of the charts. More important than that, they deserve more respect, given their staying power and accomplishments. Rest In Peace, Music Industry. Rest. In. Peace :(.

At owa.. Amen

Totally agree with Andy, 5 years between Dynamite and RDLS is far too long to wait for a new album. Its not even as if he was bringing out an occasional single in that 5 years either.Nothing.
For me RDLS has to be the most inspid, lacluster album so far.

I knew a number of fans who would've bought the single, had the other options been available to them. I can't help but feel that the suits have let them down. Some interesting points about the frequency of albums made; I believe that they shouldn't feel under pressure to get something out every 18-24 months, because the downside would be that it could result in compromising excellence, and they're better than that.

Thanks, Sjoerd. Also, if you look at the news and events in the last few months, then Scam, Revolution, Hell, both EOPE and ROTSC albums and more should be the music of the moment right now. Lyrically, they're so on point about the world today.

I don't think it's got anything to do with having a low fan base in the uk, they've got a strong following and I'm sure people would buy it if it was released properly. I'm disappointed we havnt had any singles released as a physical cd but that's just sign of the times and the way the music industry is going. Shame tho!

What frustrates me a lot is that there's people who want to buy the single and/or remixes but are not given a chance to do so. Remixes were commissioned but never released (well at least not yet). People want to give the record company/band money for their hard work but are unable to do so. That's what really doesn't make sense to me.

I guess we just have to save our money and buy a t-shirt/tourbook/whatever at the concerts knowing that this money no doubt goes directly to the band with less 'cuts' taken by iTunes, distributors, record companies etc...

Fair comment everyone, but is this also a sign of the times in the UK at least?

Think I remember reading somewhere that the younger demographic wont pay for downloadable tracks when they can get it on the internet from illegal sites for free.

Which in turn is destroying opportunities for emerging talent. (But on the positive front, not lining some fat cat music executive's pocket..but could be funding organised crime?)

Likewise with the recession, threat of unemployment,rising inflation, and post Christmas finances, people are cutting back on everything financially.

Just thinking aloud, didn't Prince give away a track or two free in the Sunday papers once? He knew he would be at an immediate financial loss, but got massive promotion via the paper and would recoup finances in arena tours. (Think he did a residency at the O2 arena) Is this something to explore, or would it be seen as a sell out?

Then there's the danger of the band getting on the treadmill of touring, album, promotion, touring work/life balance and getting stale.

I believe they were talking about the state of the record industry on BBC Breakfast, how there needs to be re organisation of album releases. ie: why pay for 1 track when the albums already been released with the track, perhaps individual tracks released and then the album..or investigate DJ Trevor Nelson, who said on the same day a track/album is released it could be downloaded from an authorised site rather than wait a long lead in time.

As regards length of time between releases, I can only equate this to being an amateur visual artist. There are times when either "life" takes over, or you just don't feel the don't want to produce anything substandard, or what you produce something that doesn't match with whats in your head, so end up feeling dissatisfied

Agree with OWA, they do deserve more respect, personally I wouldnt bother with the Brit award, but aim for an Honourary Doctorate in Music.. hmmm! now theres a thought Dr Kay/Cheetham..

Take care!

Bit of a shame really - with all of the low quality music that the industry is awash with, getting some releases out would have made a welcome change, and I for one would love to hear some B-sides from the album too. Alas, it doesn't look like that is going to happen. (And I 've scoured all the sites I use to by records in whatever format (Juno, 7Digital etc. - nothing.)

I totally agree. I would buy an official single release but music industry has become more and more commercial and it is not interested in official releases while users can downloading music for free. Why not produce some limited edition singles without taking many risks? I think that the well stablished fan base would make it profitable at least

I'm sure this will all be forgotten once She's A Fast Persuader is released physically, with B-Sides, accompanied by an amazing super futuristic Jami video hits the top 10 in the charts later this year. At least, that's what I'm praying for. Jamiroquai deserve so much more than this.

Stu and Toby!!!!! they are Jamiroquai

worst record company ever. why sign a band if your not going to promote a single?

just sad...

I really wanted to by a single with the video on it, I remember the days of 3 different singles for one song!! ie, main single, remix single and video single, like COTE and Cosmic Girl, one extreme to the other! I like to collect these things, but I suppose its all just Virtual Insanity now.

I remember the days of running down to HMV knowing that you'd get an awesome single with great artwork, funky CD designs and brilliant B-sides that gave you a little insight into what the band did during the album writing process: e.g: Bullet, Wolf in sheeps clothing, Space Clav, Slipin n Slidin... And dont forget the remixes! EOPE London Rican Mix, and Love Foolosphy Knee Deep Remix to name just a couple.

As a collector and avid fan its such a shame that this is the first album where I cant go down the shops and get myself a hard copy of the singles.

Whoever's in charge of the marketing at this record company obviously HATE Jamiroquai - at least thats what it feels like. And Im sure Jay always said he never wanted to court newspapers such as the Sun or appear on reality talent shows and yet all the latest news I read on Funkin, depressingly, has these sort of names all over it. Gutted.

At least Sony did some cool stuff with the band (Gig in the sky) and kept them away from the Sun newspaper...

pretty much agreed on what was said already...
aren´t there people who are actually educated (and paid for) in marketing?? what are they doing?
single release without a single
what is the band thinking about this? ...they must feel let down.
I hope these people organise the tour properly for them.

The selling, the charts, who cares ? The album is just amazing. Jamiroquai is not a top seller band, just a top musicians combo. That's all we want, that's all we need.

The problem is not the popularity they could gain but the material they could get in singles or promos. Lifeline single have no b-sides or remixes that would catch our interest so that means Universal failed to Jamiroquai...

Ok ok ok, 2 years might be too short of time to produce a fantastic album but 5 years is too long. Yes fans are saying they like the long period but 1 or 2 fans does not keep the money rolling, to be honest its the masses that buy the records and if lifeline has not got into the top 100 there is something wrong with marketing, publicity or maybe them big suits from the record company. I do wonder why he has only released a few live uk dates, we normally get at least cardiff, nottingham and a few others, i think its been cut down a lot this time around. I know that there were tickets still for sale for NEC few weeks back, back in Synk TWM and ROTSC they were simply sold out in days. I've been a fan since emergency but something does not sit right at the moment, i love the album but i fear for jk's future in the cut throat sell a album and record every year business we are not in.

they just shouldnt say they put out a single if they dont. bad promotion you might say.
would have been nice though to purchase a single with some bonus material/b-sides.
well at least the album is nice and hopefully we dont have to wait for the next album too long. december 2011 would be nice ;-)

gutted, this was prob my fave song off the album

This isn't the same Jamiroquai as a decade ago. The youthful vibrance is all but gone, so the label doesn't consider them as marketable. Like Michael McDonald said, the record labels want you to be who they perceive you as being. To them (and the casual listener), Jamiroquai is that guy who danced around with a big hat in a mobile room singing 'Virtual Insanity,' hence that's what they want. But this isn't 1997, this is 2011.

Lifeline never really had a chance to make an impact on the charts. I don't mean to write them off but it's obvious by now that RDLS isn't the breakthrough comeback that people were expecting, it was just the album that Jay wanted to put out, which is fine, but the entire promotional campaign, if you can call it that, reeks of lameness, including the bogus album cover. 'Blue Skies' did more to hurt than to help.

The labels are not interested in artistic endeavors; they just want something that they can market and sell. Songs like SAFP and TCDT prove that Jamiroquai can still churn out a great song, but most people don't know that becuase they only hear what's presented to them on the radio. The risqué subject matter of SAFP prevented it from getting airplay. Were it not for that, it could've charted in the top 10 because the song itself is infectious with a adrenaline-pumping groove and old-school melodic sensibility.

Maybe next album, Jay and Co. will match more "intelligent" lyrical content to the best material and do a better job selecting singles to promote their work.

Actually I think this album is closer to the first two albums than any of the other albums- Jamiroquai back to their best. Lifeline should be a number one hit single but the songs in the charts nowadays sadly all sound the same.

"Actually I think this album is closer to the first two albums than any of the other albums..."

Maybe because most of it was recorded live in the studio, so it bears a similar warmth, but in terms of similar quality material, no. Jay had more subject matter on older material besides just the cliché girl topics, and the band brought more personality to the table. Their older albums were literally 'great albums' as a whole. I can listen to ROTSC, for example, all the way through and love it; I can't do the same with RDLS. There's only a few tracks off RDLS that I want to hear.

Lifeline is an ok/moderate cut but not in the same ballpark as previous singles like Cosmic Girl or Canned Heat. It's not making the charts because it's too weak a single. They dropped the ball completely with this "comeback" album and it's clear that their new label doesn't know what to do with them. It's too late for RDLS to make an impact. Life is full of lessons -- hopefully they've learned well from this experience.

Then again, maybe I'm wrong and they really don't care one way or another.

More often than not, a lot of artists sell X million albums/singles and then spend the rest of their careers exploiting their past successes (read: Elton John, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, etc.). Basically, they try to sell their names rather than great new music ...because they stopped caring. After all, they made it big, so why should they have to work hard? Their egos take center stage. I see something similar developing with Jay: every recent interview brings up how many albums they've sold and how many things Jay owns -- as if that were what mattered. Money and fame have a way of changing people.

On a side-note, over here in America, there hasn't been any word on Jamiroquai, so I'm taking it that the US branch of the label sees the dismal showing of RDLS abroad and doesn't have faith in it, hence why there's been no promotion stateside? I still believe that Jamiroquai is fully capable of producing a great album but question whether they have maintained the desire to do so.

@Mike, I love the album RDLS and can listen to it all the way through without skipping any tracks...maybe it's because I'm a girl?

I have to say though, I'm really disappointed at the lack of promotion of RDLS and the "singles" and believe the record company is to blame.

Jamiroquai will never receive the exposure/promotion that they got in the 90's. Sadly people's tastes have changed-most now appreciate the drivel that is filling up the charts. So I don't blame Jamiroquai for limiting the promotion of the new album.They probably realise that it's just us fans buying the album, so they might think what's the point? With regards to the album,Lifeline is IMHO the worst song they have ever released.The remainder of the album restores faith though.

Lea, it has nothing to do with being a girl, just a matter of personal tastes. But yeah, the promotion for RDLS has been atrocious (something I've been saying since before it even came out). The label just bought them out to keep the market free (i.e. keep them on a short leash). Can't have established artists running around doing whatever they want, now can we?

jamalgerie, if they seriously opposed the way their label mishandled their promotion, they would've been vocal about it, yet they haven't been. If they're willing to accept being treated like yesterday's leftovers, they'll get what they deserve.

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