Lifeline UK chart position (or not!)

Added on Sunday 06 February 2011, 21:12 (UTC)

So, Lifeline was apparently released in the UK last week (30 January) - not that it was possible to buy it anywhere.  

The single had been on the BBC Radio 2 playlist a few weeks ago, the band performed on a couple of UK TV shows and Jay recently had a good chat live on the BBC Breakfast television show.

The main thing that was missing was an actual single to buy!  On iTunes the only track you could buy was the album version from Rock Dust Light Star.  The single edit, available on a promo, was nowhere to be seen.  Remix wise there was a remix (if that's what you call it!) put online but I didn't see anything else.

A decent single release with some good 'b-sides' (remixes or other tracks) could have been good promo to help publicise the upcoming UK/world tour but unfortunately it seems that the powers that be chose otherwise.  The single unsurprisingly failed to appear in the Official UK Singles Top 100 chart.

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