Chilean concert in April... the world tour continues...

Added on Saturday 05 February 2011, 18:51 (GMT)

Well, it looks like Jamiroquai's Spring 2011 European tour is going global - with the announcement of a date in Chile on 30 April.

According to Chilean newspaper La Tercera and Agenda Musical websites the band will be performing in Santiago on 30 April.

I guess we can expect to see more South American dates announced over the coming days and weeks...

Credit: Rodrigo Aliaga, Feels Just Like It Should, jamirodreams

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Come to Buenos Aires please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeat!! jamiro paaarty jamiro paaarty jamiro paaarty !!

those chilean fans are in for a real treat, hopefully they will tour rest of south america since jay said they major concern is why hasn't RDLS been released in the US??? i know they can't skip out on north america since they have do have a loyal fanbase in parts of the US, canada and even mexico...i feel we north american fans deserve to see the band performing live as well...
so my plea TO Whom It May Concern: please promote RDLS in USA, distribute the album ASAP and to also please bring jamiroquai to north america this year

They HAVE to come to Argentina!! Please cooooomeeeeeeee! thanks!

we are just so, so, soooooo happy!!!!!!!! the last time they came was in 1997!!!!! :DDDDDDD
this is a greeeaaatttt news for all the chileans!!! :D
i still can't beleave it!! :D hehe :D

This is going to be something special in time.

Jay, please come back to Argentina, Please!!!

Just the fact that they'll be on this side of the Atlantic makes me hope they'll eventually head north after Chile?

Well... I mean... they can only head north after Chile :)

The band that will be back will not be the same...without Toby and Stu..

This link is stating that the concert will be held at Moviestar Arena in Santiago - on the 29th..?

<p>You have to update the date ^^ and i am still hoping they will come to Argentina.</p>



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