Lifeline UK release and BBC interview

Added on Monday 31 January 2011, 07:05 (GMT)

Along with todays UK release of Lifeline the BBC have put online an interview where Jay reveals if he'll go back and perform on The X Factor along with (some of the usual) questions about cars and being a celebrity...

Credit: Peter Desborough

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Jay Kay is dead right about the X-Factor,being a judge is not what you would call a difficult job! They don't have to get up at 5am and scrape the frost of their windscreen do they?

Thanks for this
Jay you're right about the state of the UK music industry. Everything has been commodified,repackaged regurgitated by corporate bodies just looking to make a fast buck. Just like the fast food industry. So all we get as a result is bland, beige musak,with noone to challenge the status quo (not the band! Quo fans! hee hee!)
Record companies are reluctant to sign new talent, as they pose a huge financial risk, without the corporate packaging machine behind them.(Why am I thinking of Roger Waters/Pink Floyds Welcome to the Machine and Have a cigar as I write)

Seems like Jay is becoming a proper Renaissance man! At last! Am liking Jay the intelligent polymath, about bloody time! More please! Brit awards.. Dont worry about it theres more to life!

Take care!

Back to Jamiroquai,what happened to the tv documentary we were promised? Anyone know?

Never received a Brit award? Amazing.
Hilarious I drive about 10,000 miles more than him a year!

so, beyond a 1-track promo with the radio edit and a no-budget video, Lifeline is getting no real single release... no mixes, no bonus tracks, no promo. do they even care at this point or was the album just put out as an excuse to tour?

The promotion for this album has been shocking. Lifeline is meant to be a "single", is it? Being able to download a track off itunes doesnt class it as a "single". Jamiroquai deserve much more than this, Rock Dust Light Star is a quality piece of work and with a bit more promotion from the record company could have been a major hit and put the band back on the map after the 5ish years out the game. I really fear that jk is gonna get fed up of the music industry and call it a day. I really hope not cuz it would be a great lose to the british music business. Lets hope for another great album really soon and better promotion from the record company.

yeah, totally agree... no "real" singles at all so far... (willing to buy, but nothing available) - how are they supposed to get some airplay / viedeoplay etc with no // really bad promotion (incl. sucking videos, horrible album artwork, worse website (where you can buy shirts but no singles etc... on the "singles" site it says "Click on any track for lyrics, video, artwork, notes and buy links" - but no links at all)
ok - now you can listen to the "pirupa deadline remix" - i'm not much into remixes but this one has to be a joke (just compare to blue skies flux pavilion remix - that one i would buy - if only i knew where to....)

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