Jay to attend launch of Rock The House music project

Added on Tuesday 01 February 2011, 19:53 (GMT)

According to the Musical Instrument Pro website Jay will be attending this weeks launch event in London of a project and competition that aims to encourage young people and new musicians to pursue a career in music.

More information about the event can be found at the MI Pro and Rock The House websites.

Credit: Darshan Lovgren

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Wow i would love to meet Jay..


i thought he discouraged people from going into the music business? lol.

Russ: perhaps he's going there to 'heckle' instead!

I think he only discourages the bad ones, like all those people from X-Factor...

Good luck Jay, but be on guard... dont let politicians use you to further their own agenda...Dont trust them as far as you can throw them!
.. remember Tony Blair, The Gallagher Brothers and "Cool Britannia" and what a disaster that was.. Hope Cameron/Clegg are not thinking likewise.

Just tell the young'ens not to sign anything until theyve hired a bloody good music lawyer.. its the old addage.. "where theres a hit, theres a writ".
Take care!

watch it if you love Jay's dance

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