Jamiroquai performance on Comedy Rocks UK TV show

Added on Wednesday 26 January 2011, 22:24 (GMT)

UK Comedy television show Comedy Rocks with Jason Manford will have Jamiroquai performing on the show on Friday 4 February.  The show will be broadcast on ITV1 at 9pm.

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Watched this for the first time last week with Olly Murs. If Jay gets as much attention as he did, we're in for a treat!

I'm so relieved,I thought Olly Murs was on every week-Cheeba!!!!

How many songs do the "house band" perform?

Wish the guy's got as much air play as olly murs!!! gee whizz what's happening to our air waves...are they free???

Jamiroquai get virtually no air play! Why the lack of promotion?

I understand the band are keen on environmental issues. Please sign the petition to stop the UK government selling off our national forests. Once its gone, its gone

For information the show is being recorded today - Sunday 30 January.

Did anyone go to the recording? If so, any feedback?

I was in the audience and saw JK perform, he sings to brilliant songs and was fab to watch!! Crazy dancer too! :)

Lifeline and...?

LOVED the show!!! very very giddy to see you in Manchester in April!!!

All Good In The Hood confirmed as a single? I hope not. SAFP all the way!

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