Jamiroquai return to Taratata

Added on Wednesday 26 January 2011, 20:10 (GMT)

According to an e-flyer announcing the acts performing on French television show Taratata (where the band have performed in the past), Jamiroquai will be recording a performance for the show on 7 February.  No further information is currently available regarding the track (or tracks) being performed or when the show will be broadcast.

Credit: Francois Wiart

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Yeah ! Taratata is the best tv show in France. Merci Nagui !

Hi,yes I will try for the invite,good luck everyone.See you in Zurich in March. Pippa from Lausanne.

It's a very good news! It's been a long time since 1994!!! Go Go Jamiroquai!

Ps: Rock Dust Light Star is WONDERFUL!!

Super !! Merci Nagui ;D

Audience is full :( ... But let's see on TV!!
By the way Lydia thanks for the links you posted on Paradiso news! And see Talullah post, on which one you can see (and catch :p) all the concert in a good quality!! Thanks to both of you ;)

L'émission sera diffusée le 15 Février à 20h35 selon France 4

Why erasing?

jamiroquai fan, please see the guidelines below the comments box, "Only post comments that are directly related to this particular news item". Thank you.

Taratata, definitely the best set in europe with Jools Holland. Give us the funk we want gentlemen ! Be loud and proud ;)

wow so exciting!!

Thanks Cati! This will be a great time I'm sure!!
Can't wait to be the 15th :-D

Just came home from the recording and it was a great little evening ! The band played :
- Depper Underground
- Rock Dust Light Star
- "California Soul" by Marlena Shaw
- White Knuckle Ride
Yep, now everyone will be impatient for the show to air on the 15th!!! :)

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