Jay interviewed on BBC breakfast television show

Added on Tuesday 25 January 2011, 21:37 (GMT)

In advance of next weeks UK release of Lifeline Jay was this morning (Tuesday) interviewed on the BBC television breakfast news show.  During the interview Jay gave presenter Sian Williams one of his hats as a present - and then posted on Twitter later in the day to say that she had worn the hat all day long!

The complete interview can be watched at YouTube and also at the BBC website (around 22:50 into the video).

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That Bill whatsit winds me up.

David: DJ Pirupa put his (awful) Lifeline remix online:

Thanks for the remix.

Yes, you are right, the remix is awful.


Dear God, is this an official remix? Who is this corny DJ? Psy-techno on Jamiroquai?? Bring Knee deep and those fantastic mixes back ! ..

I only managed a few seconds of the remix - MeThoDz is spot on! awful

Hope the hat gets auctioned off for "Children in Need". Jay you were a true gent!

ha ha ha brilliant reading these comments. Haven't heard the ridiculous remix, but reference my last post when this was announced, blind faith played its Ace.

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